Crazy theory that I am really hoping I can find after I post!

Written 1st April

OK, there is a lot of dispute about what or who exactly MIB and Jacob are. We really still dont know for sure. Jacobs wine bottle theory sort of points the evil finger at MIB (also, made me think of when Jesus turned water to wine in the Bible and all MIB offers Ricardo is water). What if they are actually the same person.

There’s a few directions you can take that idea. I am coming back to a religious theme but not the usual God vs. Satan. What about God vs. Jesus? Think about it. The God of the Old Testament isnt nice, he is disappointed by men time and time again. He floods the earth, sodom and gomorrah, etc. God in the New Testament, totally different God IMO. He sends his only son, to save the sinners from hell. But even with Jesus’ influence there is still so much war, destruction, chaos, and sin in the world. God has given up on man.

MIB wants to leave the island and after that “whatever happens, happens”. He doesnt care about man and doesnt care if they ultimately destroy themselves or “seast to exist”. Jesus still has hope in mankind, maybe because he was human once? Jacob needs a replacement to protect the world not just the island. MIB cleverly left that out when he was explaining the candidates to Sawyer, instead he only spoke about protecting the island.

So we have possibly one person with polorizing views on man. Not necessarily God and Jesus, thats just a metaphor to explain my theory. MIB says he wants to go home and I am dieing to know where that is and does Jacob have a home aside from the island? Haven’t seen any theories on that yet.

Than I had this idea about the real Locke’s body suddenly missing and he is found reanimated by Jacob. However, if that were possible than why hasnt Jacob done so yet? Also, there is dispute on whether or not Jacob can change form. Shape shifting seems to be more of an evil power, the serpent/devil in Adam and Eve story comes to mind.

Seems lots of you out there are better writers, thinkers, and probably spend a lot of time rewatching past episodes. I dont have the time for that. So I welcome correction, criticism, and anything else you wanna throw me.

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I started off borrowing season 1 from my parents and after about 3 episodes in I was hooked. I went to great lengths to keep up with the show, even illegally downloading episodes I missed. Than I discovered ABC did a wonderful thing, giving me access to every episode. Hours and hours I spent watching this epic show. For a while I was just so frustrated and wanted it to end. With me being quite a truth seeker, its like torture not knowing! However, now we are in the homestretch, the last season and I am a bit sad its almost over. I just love this show and absolutely cant get enough. Thats why I am here, I dont know any Lost fans in person and I must say I do so enjoy reading the many theories.

5 thoughts on “Crazy theory that I am really hoping I can find after I post!

  1. i think that because jacob is obviously burned to ashes theres no way of being reincarnate, so it would seem MIB has knowledge of the pool in the temple as jacob wouldnt get there burned

  2. i like a lot of the ideas here. maybe the island is MIB giving man one last chance to prove his worth, with jacob convincing him to stay on the island while he proves it. they set out a bunch of rules in which they can test man, and go about it.

  3. Good post. I know the “God and Jesus thing” was just a metaphor, but I’m still assuming this entire story of Lost will have a very epic conclussion. As much as I hate to say it, it’s still possible that they’ll throw some sort of religious prophicies into the end of it all.

    Perhaps “Judgment day” is upon the world, and Jacob is trying to prevent it. Which makes Jacob the opposite of God in this scenario.

  4. I am glad you understand this is a metaphor cheif. The Writers arent going to have defineitive names like God and Jesus, or Cain and Abel, or Satan and god, etc. I know the Bible better than ancient religions therefore thats what I use as my metaphors to explain how I think its going to end or what I think is going on.

    Also this theory is essentially the same theory are the …prettyheavysoul…, AES just made that blank post so I could get my ideas on the site. I actually wrote this “crazy theory” before I wrote prettyheavysoul. Just FYI.

  5. @bronco, I know that was the more crazy part of the theory, Locke being ressurected as Jacob.

    I know its highly unlikely but I still think it would be cool. Just think, , the last scene of the show, two Lockes sitting on the beach, having a chat, one wearing black the other light clothing…lol

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