Desmond’s Powers

I’m confused. I had thought that “Happily Ever After” showed us fairly clearly exactly what Desmond’s power is. I’m reading Lost stuff around the internet and it seems that many people still believe that Desmond travels into the past where he finds he is able to change things. Really? Anyone in here still believe that after watching last night’s episode? Anyone still believe that Desmond is able to “Quantum Leap” from the island in the Crash Landing Timeline into the past in the Crash Landing Timeline and make changes?

I thought it was pretty clearly explained last night that Desmond can “Quantum Leap” from on the island in the Crash Landing Timeline into the Safe Landing Timeline where, of course, he can do whatever, because whatever is what happens. Events in the Crash Landing Timeline remain untouched and unchanged. He appears to travel back in time because on-island time is different from off-island time. The difference seems to vary based on… something.

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7 thoughts on “Desmond’s Powers

  1. Hi highbrow, Ms. Hawking states to Desmond “because whatever happened, happened, right Desmond”? It almost seemed if she said this with some apprehension, although I’m not sure why.

    If that were the case of Desmond changing the past, it would seem to negate the purpose of what was initially experienced in the first place. Much of that was created with the assistance of Ms. Hawking, etc.

    It seems that the resolve they are presently seeking, has everything to do with changing/altering or eliminating this ‘alternate’ time line, so what you say makes sense.

    I am a little concerned that Ms. Hawking placed so much emphasis on this statement of reminder to Desmond. If you caught it, let me know your thoughts.

  2. Highbrow, sorry for the duplication, but I just wrote this comment out over on my ring post and decided it fit better here since I have been thinking about people and their powers.

    WIdmore said Desmond is the only one that has survived a catastrophic electromagnetic event…right?

    But what happened to Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Jin and Miles in LA X? They survived a nuclear explosion that not only caused them to flash ahead/back 30 years, but that explosion could be the source of the Sideways timeline. And last night, Eloise revealed that she is connected to both timelines. So she survived, too. And not only survived, but still is like a ’seer’ into both timelines. It appears as if she has a “gift” or “talent” as well.

    I’m not saying I trust everything said by Widmore, but I think it’s interesting that in both timelines he could be in the dark a bit if he is relying on Eloise’s direction.

    Dabs, I agree that Hawking made that statement with a little roll of her eyes or something that made it seem like she didn’t believe it but knew she needed to say it.

  3. 2 questions…just 2…

    1)What year did Desmond ‘leap’ from on the island?


    2)What year did Desmond ‘leap’ to off island…

    I know, I know… “but this and that…”
    What years answer the questions though?

    An inability to accept/understand what Dan said, “We changed something…” makes it hard to understand that the past that Desmond ‘leaped’ to, is now the actual past…not an alternate timeline…its parallel at best. But the further along they go down THAT rabbit hole, the more the other one we knew from early in the show will close…

    Even if they stopped the new time line from continuing, and if death is what can do that…then they shouldnt just jump to 2007…they should slide ‘sideways’ to the old 2004 timeline(hence Charlie seeing who is most likely Claire upon almost death)…where ever that would be is dependent on the ‘real time/world time’ in the off island timeline this season.

  4. Kimberly, I guess we can’t say with any certainty that Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Jin and Miles survived a nuclear explosion.

    If Faraday’s atom bomb theory is correct, and assuming that Juliet managed to detonate the atom bomb in 1977, then Sawyer et al never crashed on the Island and never flashed back to the 70s, meaning that Sawyer et al never experienced any nuclear explosion.

    Safe-Landing-Universe Elouise may very well have been on the Island in the 70s, but I don’t think we have any reason so far to believe that she ever saw Sawyer et al on the Island.

  5. AES, I guess we have been led to believe that we are now experiencing 2007 in the on-island scenes and 2004 in the off-island scenes.

    If Desmond is in fact flashing between these two points in multiverse space-time (or whatever), then I hope we get some explanation to why this is happening. However, it feels that the time traveling etc is largely purpose-driven. You end up in the time and place where you need to be. I guess it’s all part of the course correction thing.

    I guess it has been speculated a few times that the 2007 on-island Losties are there because they happened to flash right before the atom bomb went off (brought forward in time by Jacob or by a higher purpose or whatever), while the 2004 off-island Losties are there because the Oceanic flight never crashed. This doesn’t seem to make sense and I don’t understand how course correction could fix this unless the 2004 off-island Losties in fact end up on the Ajira flight and land on the island in 2007. Too bad the island is under water!?


  6. Ok, another possibility is of course that one of the realities/timelines will actually just be a dead end somehow, but I have a hard time to accept that outcome.

  7. If someone leaves the island, when do they end up? Good luck pinning that down. Dan’s missile was what, 30 minutes off? How about the doctor that washed up from the freighter? When Desmond and Sayid left the island for the freighter on the helicopter didn’t Jack worry because they’d been gone for like two days? I guess I could go back and look that stuff up to get the exact times but I don’t think it’s important. What’s important is that the island time is (at least often) not aligned with off-island time… and it’s not consistent. The writers have left it open so that whenever someone leaves the island they can just have them show up pretty much whenever they want.

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