Possibility Waves Revisited

Last night’s episode which showed Desmond’s consciousness actually visiting the alternate universe was one of the best episodes of season 6. While pondering the events of the episode and specificaly Faraday’s reference to Quantum Mechanics I realized that I may have done a theory already that could explain what is now happening to Desmond. It also may be able to explain what is happening to Hurley. the name of the theory is “Surfing the Possibility Waves” and I will include it in the body of this theory for the sake of those who may not have seen it the first time when it was posted in December.

One of the storylines that has been captivating us on Lost is that of Desmond. It is through Desmond that we were eased into accepting that time travel was integral to Lost and has led many of us to put our minds into overdrive to figure out what is going on. But just how was he able to see into the future and perceive the different deaths of Charlie? I’ve been recently reading a book called “Beyond the Bleep” which is a companion piece to the film “What the Bleep Do We Know” and contains an article about one of the scientists who contributed to the film, Fred Alan Wolf, who based his theory on a concept proposed by John G. Cramer.

One explanation of how Desmond foresaw Charlie’s death may be an adaptation of the ‘Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics’ (TIQM). John G. Cramer first proposed this interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. This is how it basically works. A real event (E1 for event 1) sends out what Cramer calls an “offer wave,” but it sends a wave both to the past and to the future. Now an event in the future (I’ll call that PE for possible event) also sends out offer waves to the past and the future. The two waves meet up and if they are in phase, cancel each other out which in turn causes the PE to become a real event (E2) with E1 as its cause.

Now the scientist Fred Alan Wolf took this concept a step further. He has proposed that there is an infinite possibility of events in the future. Each of these events is sending offer waves into the past. If any one of these waves is in phase with the event sending waves to the future that is the possibility that becomes real while all the others remain in the realm of possibility.

Now Mr. Wolf also believes that our brains are constantly looking into the future and scanning all the possibilities. Our brains then return to the present with the information it has gathered and selects the action to take to make the possibility it wants to become real happen. But we are unaware that this is going on. But what if we were made aware?

This is what I think happened to Desmond. The release of energy and Desmond’s proximity to it after he turned the failsafe key caused his consciousness to become aware of his brain scanning the future. When he was near to the point where Charlie’s death was immanent he became aware of the wave coming back from the future consciously but because he was actually before the event happened he was able to modify the event so that a different set of waves were sent into the future. When this happened it set up a course of events that would lead to a different possible death for Charlie.

The above is the original theory. Here is a link to the article that summerrizes all of this

After last nights episode I believe that this is what is going on with Des. HOWEVER, this is happening across two universes. I believe that with this method the Desmond we’ve come to know and love will be a liason to the alt Desmond in order to get all the alt Losties together in order to help Widmore in the war against Smokey.

But wait, there’s more. I think that this may be the answer to what is happening to Hurley. Maybe he isn’t talking to the dead but instead is talking to the ALTERNATE versions of them in the alternate universe. Assuming that the alternate Desmond contacts all the Losties, including the ones who have died in the original universe, they somehow contact Hurley in order to guide him in what to do. We have seen with Desmond that huge amounts of E/M energy is needed to initiate this process. To the best of my knowledge, with a couple of exceptions, all the dead people that Hurley has talked to have been in the Swan and were exposed to the E/M energy also, although not as much as Desmond. I believe that all of this is a plausible explaination to Desmond and Hurley.

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34 thoughts on “Possibility Waves Revisited

  1. Good theory although it’s hard to comprehend, but hey, what isn’t on Lost.

    By the way, I always had the idea that the ‘dead’ people Hurley is talking to are from the alternate universe. The question however is, what are they doing on the island? How are they popping up and disappearing in a second?

  2. Stone, they could be communicating in a similar fashion to the way Desmond’s consciousness jumped universes and may be only able to do it for a short period of time.

  3. Hi Achalli, some good thoughts regarding Desmond crossing over into both realities.

    We know that Desmond’s interaction with high amounts of electromagnetism in the Swan Station was the result of the initial occurrence of him ‘conscious’ travelling. Now through Zoe and Team Widmore, they are reproducing high amounts of electromagnetism so Desmond will be able to ‘conscious’ travel between both realities.

    It would appear that they are relying on Desmond’s abilities to bring about a desired outcome.

    Desmond is unique and he is special because of his innate ability to interact with electromagnetism. He would be considered an anomaly, independent of any scientific label.

    I believe Hurley actually does speak to the dead, and his skills will be utilized to proper advantage in future.

  4. Well, I also believe Hurley speaks to the dead. But, like Achalli says, those dead are alive in the alternate limetine. It would make sense since it fits into the two (multiple) timeline story.

  5. Wait I forgot something. If the dead Hurley is talking to are actually from the Alternate, why couldn’t they just make him and the other 815 people aware of their second version? Why is Desmond needed for that job?

  6. I remember the original theory you posted Achalli. It didn’t get much comment then but I thought it had a lot of potential. I really like the idea of our brains being a quantum device. Normally, we wouldn’t be able to do much with than we already are but coupled with Desmonds gift(?) he can break on through to the other side. Yes, that is an intentional Doors reference.

    Faraday is another mind traveler so it would make sense for him to remember not remebering, too.

  7. Dabs, I’m glad you liked this. I haven’t totally tossed out Hurley talking to actual dead people but offer him talking to the alternates as a possibility.

    Roland, what a perfect reference for what is going on. Great thinking with that.

    Stone, although in this scenario you are correct that Hurley could be used to make them aware I believe that Desmond is the only one to show them how to do it.

  8. What about richard’s wife? how is hurley talking to her then? she was never in the swan and dead in the alternate universe (at least in the 2004 version of it).

  9. Perhaps in the world of Lost, people never really die, their minds just reincarnate themselves into a different multiverse. But our friends are somehow entangled with a couple of screwed-up universes and can therefore see both of them when they are near death.

  10. I like the dead people are the people from the other universe. This also makes me believe that the whispers are from the other universe too

  11. ilie, that is a very interesting thought. like charlie “died” in the original timeline, but because at least one other timeline exists, he still exists, and has realized that he can feel his other life bleed through in certain situations, like when his life is at stake.
    I wonder how Eloise fits into this, as she seems to be aware of both timelines even when she isn’t close to death. It suggests she must have some sort of power, like Hurley and Miles and Des have powers.
    Or how Daniel wrote that equation and remembers/thinks he detonated the bomb, because he wasn’t near death either.

  12. Achalli, I really like what you brought up about Hurley’s speaking with people who have been exposed to or have died because of overexposure to electromagnetism. I, like JacobsDoubleWide wondered how Richard’s wife fit into the equation – literally and figuratively. So, I did some digging. The Canary Islands are situated in a geological hot-spot so to speak. Here’s a link which talks about magnetic anomolies relating to volcano development and activity (let’s not forget also that there’s a volcano on the island as well!). Perhaps there are pockets of electromagnetic energy surrounding the Canary Islands, where Richard and Isabella live, and Isabella was exposed to too much? It’s a tight stretch.. bit it might explain it!

  13. Good thoughts rehashed Achalli…I like the idea.

    I REALLY like the idea of Hurley talking to alt people, not dead people.

    I put out that same thought at the beginning of the season when discussing his and Daves relationship…and even the encounter with Charlie in the 2007 off island time at the institution.

    Depending on what the ultimate and definitive view of death ends up being on Lost, it is very possible that he is talking to both the dead and alternate/parallel timeline people…
    If you add in reincarnation as an option to life after death, and institute a break in the time line due to the incident…it could very well throw off the rules of reincarnation and time…creating things such as Hurley talking to the dead…

    Think about it…this episode revealed a connection between dying and connecting to the other time line…it just makes sense for it to be both…beginning our journey into truly connecting science and religion on Lost…
    Great thoughts here…I really think you are spot on, and should consider the possibility of death and separate timelines, in relation with Hurleys ability, being deeply connected.

  14. broken, I wonder if the canary islands were one of the spots on the map containing similar energy that Hawking told the 06 about before they returned on the Ajira flight…

    good thinking…

  15. Jacobsdoublewide, you are correct in how Richard’s wife fits in is a weak spot in the theory that I haven’t quite worked out yet. However both Ilie and AES have some good thoughts on this. I am leaning towards death just being another dimension of existence. Thanks for raising the question. It’s opened up a good line of discussion

  16. Snowybronco, I believe Jacob is a special case all together. He has shown unique abillities already by granting Richard long life and living a long time himself. Where Jacob is concerned I believe it has more to do with Jacob’s powers. Good question, thanks for asking.

  17. Ilie, I really like your thoughts. Your idea would seem to go along with some articles I have read on quantum mechanics and consciousness. There are some scientists who think our minds are constantly jumping between universes and may be linked to our dreaming ability also.

  18. Drmrwizard, Eloise is quite a puzzle. Perhaps she is actually already linked to her other selves in the other univereses and is actually trying to guide Desmond to that point also.

  19. Brokenankh42, thanks for the research and the link. I’m going to look into it and get back to you about it latter. At this point I think it is very plausible. Thanks again.

  20. AES, I’m glad you liked this. I’m leaning towards death being just another dimension. I think you’re right in that until we find out what Lost’s definitive view is we won’t know the best way to approach these questions.

  21. If death is just another dimension or timeline, suggesting that Hurley can talk to dead people and people from the alternate reality, it could be said that in the world of Lost, death doesn’t mean the end of existence. Maybe once you die, you are free to roam about all of the timelines. And certain people, like Hurley, can see these wandering “spirits”.

  22. Just a thought–

    If both timelines can influence one another, wouldnt it make sense that if Hurley is talking to dead people,he may have died in the alt timeline. The same can be said about Sun, she can only speak chinese after she got shot.

    Like a said just a thought

  23. Hey Achalli… I really think you have a hot one with this, especially after the last episode. Have you done any reading on wave function collapse? My understanding is that if you were able to “observe” both realities, then the wave function would collapse back into one single reality/universe.

    IMO, this would mean that one of the realities might cease to exist… I think this is exactly why Desmond needs to contact all of the 815’ers… What he needs to show them is the other reality as Charlie allowed him to see it. Everyone from parallel/ALT 815 will have to consciously “observe” the original reality in-order for one of the realities to collapse. And, Desmond who is now on the island would have to have everyone consciously “observe” the parallel/ALT reality… This could be why Desmond went willingly with Sayid… He needs to find everyone to show them, make them see what he already knows exists.

    ELOISE: Someone has clearly affected the way you see things. This is a serious problem. It is, in fact, a violation. So, whatever you’re doing, whatever it is you think you’re looking for…. You need to stop looking for it.

    The concept of wave function collapse is also the major plot line in the novel “Quarantine.” I guess I don’t have to explain why I threw this in… Well, anyway a bubble/quarantine is place around the universe to prevent the act of observing… That is until it was discovered that it could be done through the conscious mind… The conscious mind is then presented with a choice. Either suspend the wave function collapse or choose which state of the wave function that would collapse.

    I’m allergic to physics, so hopefully my understanding made a bit of sense? I know there are many views on the subject but, I really think this idea connects with what you laid out in your theory…

    As for Hurley’s abilities, I really like that idea… Charlie’s statement, “I am dead but I am also here,” would take on a whole new meaning.

    Also, I think Isabella could have contacted Hurley from the parallel/ALT reality… She did tell Richard, through Hurley, that they were already together. So, I believe what she meant was in death!

  24. This is a great post, thank you for sharing!
    @ elsewhere: I am a big believer that only one of the realities will survive long-term (as stated by Widmore, ‘…we will cease to exist’).
    I think the destination of Nemesis/MIB is the alternate reality, and he needs the candidates to get there.
    Perhaps along the lines of the logic in this post, the ‘true’ reality will be in danger if Nemesis succeeds.

  25. I think somewhere down the road, hurley died. Hence he can talk to the dead. I also think that Sun dies as well hence her two worlds merge which is why she is stuck speaking chinese again.

  26. Elsewhere, I apologize for taking awhile to respond. I am familiar with wave function collapse. That is pretty much the standard interpretation of quantum mechanics and is what Shrodinger’s Cat is all about. The cat is both dead and alive until some one opens the box to look. Quantum Suicide is basically the same thing from the POV of the cat. If you recall, all my posts about Quantum Suicide being an answer to Lost are all centered around these concepts.

    This post utilizes a different interpretation called the Transactional Interpretation. Cramer, the scientist who first proposed it, does away with the need for an observer in this interpretation. In this view the waves sent back by one out of an infinite many number er of events needs to connect to a wave sent out from a past event in order for the wave function to collapse and become reality. The scientist Fred Allan Wolf took the concept a step further by proposing that our minds do this all the time.

    I’ll address the question of which reality will exist in the end in my comment to Clairespeanutbutter. Their comment is similar to that portion of yours.

    I’ll put “Quarantine” on my reading list. It sounds very interesting. Who is the author?

  27. Clairespeanutbutter, I’m glad you liked this. I agree with you that Smokey’s destination may be the alt reality. Idisagree with you that only one will exist in the end.

    I basically do not see a need to have only one universe (read reality where I use the word universe ). I’m going against the grain with almost everyone on this thought. IMO the bomb didn’t create the alt universe, just merely connected them. I do not yet see a credible need to have one win out over the other and merging the universes should actually be avoided.

    I read a lot of science fiction and dealing with alternate universes isn’t a far out idea to me. In the vast majority of alt universe stories that I have read merging two universes would certainly guarantee that both are destroyed, so it is a better idea to keep them separate. But all of this is just my opinion on the subject. Lost may prove to be the exception.

    Thank you for your comment and ideas.

  28. Peteb201, I’m sorry I didn’t reply to you sooner. Your comments got lost in the shuffle. You have some good thoughts and they make sense given the situation. Thanks for the input.

  29. Some great points, thanks Achalli. I can certainly envision an ending where both (or more) universes are in existance, and perhaps each character ends up in the universe that is the most fitting for him or her.

    But at this point I’m still leaning towards one reality existing at the end. Part of my thought on this comes from the fact that the current alternate reality does not seem to be an independent reality, but rather tied very closely to the ‘original’ reality. This leads me to believe that it was not always in existance and connected by the bomb, but brought about by the magnetic field being released when the bomb went off. I have a somewhat crazy idea that the moment the bomb went off and released the magnetic field from the island’s core, the alternate reality was created in ‘imaginary time’ (see obessedwlost latest post), and the conversion to that altenate reality occured at the speed of light. The explosion, being slower than the speed of light, therefore followed the flash into the alternate reality and sunk the island in the alternate reality.

    I do not think the realities will merge, though. I think as the imaginary time *alternate reality/universe* and real time *original reality/universe* move through real space, they will reach some sort of timepoint where only one can continue to exist. I have no logical basis for this, however. Still pondering….

  30. Clairespeanutbutter, you may be interested in one of my earliest posts entitled “Schrodinger’s Island.” I posted it a little while after the end of season 5 and it uses an interesting interpretation of quantum mechanics called Quantum Suicide. Just click on my screen name to go to my profile. It is towards the bottom of the second page of my post list. Let me know what you think about it.

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