Painting in Widmore’s Office

The scales of justice in Widmore’s law office appear to have both black and white stones on them, similar to the one in the cave. In the painting the scales seem to be perfectly balanced. Perhaps in this alternate reality both Jacob and Nemesis powers are balanced or do not exist? Not sure but I found it interesting and thought I would share.

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"We have two giant hamsters running in a massive wheel in our secret underground lair." -Ben Linus

12 thoughts on “Painting in Widmore’s Office

  1. It could signify that there’s a proper balance of both good and evil in the alt. timeline.

    What’s strange to me is that Smokie/”evil incarnate” is trapped on the island in the “real” timeline. Yet everyone’s lives seem to have had some major problems in their flashbacks, flashforwards, and their life on the island from what we have witnessed over the years.

    In this alt. timeline however, almost everyone seems to have focus in their life.

    If that painting shows us that there is proper balance residing in the alternate, then Smokie might not be evil afterall.

  2. Ive been thinking that Smokie isn’t evil as well. Especially after reading your post where you talked about if we believe exactly what we are seeing then the protector of humanity just let weak ass Ben kill him bc choices are just that great. The writers just giving us that Jacob is good and Smokie is bad seems too simple.

  3. ok heres the thing the scales are balanced and whitmoore like ben must hae certainly have been on the island so he still knows of the power the island has!! also when desmond in the alt universe has a flash of penny he seesthe birth of his child which in the real world hasnt hapened for a few years to come. so this leads to the theory that this is the happy ending where they have stopped jacob. im guessing they need jacob to go to the pockets of energy to set of another bomb this will ensure the destruction of the island?

  4. Snowybronco, I like the thought of off-island Desmond calling Jacob:

    Desmond: “You need to blow up that atom bomb!”
    Jacob: “How do you know that I’m supposed to do that?”
    Desmond: “Because I bloody do!”

  5. hey my bad i ment desmond has to go to the energy pockets (as i would seem hes the only one who can survive) to set off another bomb to effective destroy the island (reset time)to stop MIB and if MIB carnt float on water theres no chance of him swimming if the islands under water.

  6. Hmmm.. I rewatched the episode and took a good hard look at that painting. If you look closely, yes, the scale is even – but there are stackable stones on those scales.. almost like poker chips. There appear to be more white chips than black chips. Perhaps a balanced scale is one where there is slightly more good than evil. Either that, or there is a stone for each character – whether it is black or white depends on the type of life he or she is living.

  7. I really like your thoughts on this Brokenankh. I was trying to figure out if there were more black than white and it was hard to tell.

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