The Magic Box?

Did anyone else during last night’s episode see the electromagnetic box and think of the magic box that Ben referred to in the third season of LOST? The box that brought Anthony Cooper to the island, etc. etc. I’m just wondering if this is the box! Just a thought.

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2 thoughts on “The Magic Box?

  1. It might be a possibility. I always thought it was weird that Richard bringing Cooper to the island didn’t take a LOT longer than it did.

    From what we’ve seen though, the box only allows conscience shifting. I could be very wrong of course, maybe I need to watch it again.

  2. Now, I know I could be wrong, given that Ben said this, but the magic box was just a metaphor for what the island has the potential to do due to its special properties. Remember when Locke and Ben go to the orchid station and Locke asks if THIS is the magic box and Ben gets all pissy and annoyed (for all we know he just made it and was messing with a guillible person)

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