Ambiguous Statement about Flash-Sideways

In reading the synopsis for this last episode on Lostpedia, I found this statement in the trivia:

“This is the second episode to end in the flashsideways timeline after “The Beginning of the End“. ”


1. What was the first to end in a flash-sideways? I thought all the ones this season ended in the original timeline, and the flashsideways concept wasn’t introduced until this season, which leads to my next question.

2. Does this imply there were episodes before “The Beginning of the End” that ended in the flashsideways? That episode was the first one of Season 4, so it seems like an arbitrary statement to make if it didn’t have some significance.


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3 thoughts on “Ambiguous Statement about Flash-Sideways

  1. Hi thebesu, I just checked out Lostpedia in the same section you are referring to and it says:

    “This is the second episode to end in the flashsideways timeline after “LA X, Part 1″.”

    Maybe when you checked Lostpedia someone had provided the incorrect episode title – but they’ve fixed it up now.

    It is correct, that episode did end in the flashsideways as Jack goes back to his seat and Desmond is gone, Charlie is being arrested, everyone departs the plane.

    Not sure what that means though, but hope it helps! 🙂

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