It’s a violation! Of what?

Everyone must have heard Eloise Whidmore say this to Desmond . But who is she to say what is a violation and how would she know anyways. Eloise has special knowledge that no one else seems to have ’til now. So just who the hell is Eloise?

I wrote a different theory a while ago that didn’t really pertain to anyone in paticular but I think it may apply to Eloise now. “It seems that there is a Chronology Protection Agency which prevents the appearance of closed timelike curves and so makes the universe safe for historians.”  quote by Stephen Hawking.  Closed timelike curves are are one thing that is theorized  may make time travel to the past possible. It begins and ends at the same place in time. Could Eloise be a part of the Chronology Protection Agency? Her namesake in the other timeline said this, so I think it may be a clue to who Eloise is.

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5 thoughts on “It’s a violation! Of what?

  1. I’m not sure what she is just yet, of course, but she most certainly is special. She always seems to know what’s going on and what’s about to happen next, even though she said “for the first time i don’t know what’s going to happen next” when she arrived at the hospital after Desmond was shot by Ben.

  2. When the island was moving back and forth in time, and the losties first met elowise near jughead she seemed confused and whatnot. I wonder if something happened to her after that like the elector magnetic incident with desmond to give her/start up her special abilities. at that point she has no idea who daniel is, yet when she shoots him, her present self knows that she killed him. so what im getting at is something happened to her a long the way and im know im rambling here maybe ill try to come up with a post.

  3. My guess is she is like desmond. Not in the sense that she is invulnerable to Electro Magnetic Energy, but that she has ‘awakened’ and is conscious in the parallel timelines.

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