After all, maybe Desmond was not a first choice

Written 7th April

Hi guys!

After seeing the last episode I have immediately re-watched the episode “The constant” from the fourth season to confirm some things.

As everyone should probably have noticed, the driver of Desmond in the last episode, named George Minkowski, is the same person who met Desmond on the freighter, which also experienced time travel, causing his death.

I’m intrigued to know your view about the next:
Since George was able to travel through time, was he special as Desmond? If yes, did Widmore knew about it? Could this be the reason why he was working for Widmore at that time? If so, was his death that forced Widmore to find Desmond? One of the things that leads me to say this is that before his death (in “the constant”), George said “I can’t get back…”. This sentence may suggest that in dying he knew he wouldn’t be able to return to another timeline anymore. Was he aware of its capabilities and its task (be the key to beat MIB)?
Another curious thing about the George/Desmond relation is the fact that George was a kind of “driver” to Desmond (and also to Sayid) aboard the freighter, guiding them until the room of radio communications. In this episode, George has literally been the driver of Desmond through the streets of Los Angeles. A funny coincidence created by the writers? Maybe I think. However, it seemed that George, seemingly, was not entirely indifferent to Desmond, or rather seemed somehow remember him. But maybe I am getting crazy.

I’m looking forward to know your opinions.

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I'm a Chemical Engineer disappointed about how badly Lost ended. Regards from Portugal :)

8 thoughts on “After all, maybe Desmond was not a first choice

  1. Desmond is special ‘cuz he can suvive Jacob’s cabin of electromagnetism. THAT is why he can time flash AND change things.

    Radzinsky, on the otherhand, responded like Eloise, If there were more time it would be interesting if he were on the island earlier, like Charlotte. All three died because they had no ‘constant’.

    You bring up an interesting point. Radzinsky was clearly aware what was going on, while I’m not sure Charlotte knew about getting back.

  2. Wait, waycurious, when you bring up Radzinsky (that angry fool in DHARMA) do you really mean Radzinsky? Because I think mnicolau is referring to Minkowski (dude who died on the freighter because he had no constant), and I think you are too?

    No biggie, just want to clarify– I got confused because I had forgotten all about Radzinsky until you named him just now!

  3. Doh – I meant Minkowski.

    Musta’ been wondering under what self-important rock we’d find Radzinsky in Sidewaysville.

    Shannon’s new boyfriend, perhaps?

  4. Interesting points, and I’m glad you rewatched The Constant which happens to be my all-time favorite episode.

    I do believe there is an important distinction between Desmond and Minkowski, aside from their ability to find a constant in time – Desmond had survived a catastrophic electromagnetic event. We have no evidence Minkowski had. Thus, making Desmond uniquely special.

    Looking back to The Constant Des’s phone call with Penny has new meaning when they promise each other they will always find each other. This last episode only confirms that those with Des/Penny stories are the best.

  5. Thanks to everyone for the feedback.
    Damon Cuse, I also think “The Constant” is one of the best episodes of the show. It’s an amazing episode.

    Definitely, Desmond is special and not Minkowski. But what I meant was that Minkowski could have been the first choice of Widmore to execute his plan. But we know almost nothing about him to reach any positive conclusion about it. Due to Minkowski death (because he didn’t had constant, or he didn’t found it) Widmore may have been forced to look elsewhere (Desmond). Assuming that he was a special one (as Mourinho 🙂 ).
    Now that I’m writing this, a crazy thought came to me. What if the task of pushing the button (Swan station) was not more than one way to prepare, or rather, to make Desmond resistant to electromagnetic phenomena? The fact of being so close to an unusually strong magnetic field, every single day, could have made him resistant… maybe everything has been planed long time ago.
    I think I need sleep 😉

  6. Good thoughts. I definitely agree with your last statement about the swan station and Desmond’s resistance to electromagnetism. i can recall that Charles was the one who challenged Desmond’s love for Penny with a boat race. Then fate/destiny/a crazy charles Widmore brought him to the island. Seems too coincidental or perhaps this is something the writers had planned from the beginning. Also, perhaps Kevin (the man that Desmond accidentally killed in the Swan Station) was a member of Widmore’s posse and was tasked with teaching Desmond how to use the station. Sure Kevin said he was an other, but Widmore used to be one also. Kevin may have had some respect for Widmore even after he got exiled by Ben (an outsider). Just a thought.

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