Boone & Shannon Destined to be a together as couple, not step-siblings

Written 8th April

OK, I will try to put my random brain droppings in a coherent thought here on why I think Boone and Shannon are meant to be a couple (as in LOVE, not step-siblings). I would love feedback.

– We know originally they were Step-Siblings
– We know they had a “thing” for each other and “relationships”
– After last week, I am assuming LOVE is the constant
– Everyone seems to have a determined person who is meant for them.

Why do I think Shannon is Boone’s ultimate partner? OK, one thing the writes do really well and write in a why that makes us ASSUME what is happening or read too much into things. The best example for me is the Black Rock. When we saw Jacob and MIB on the island watch a ship come in last year, I know I, and many others, assumed it was Black Rock. But this year when we saw Black Rock crashed, it was stormy out. Many people I know were trying to figure out “Why is it stormy when we know it was clear out when Jacob and MIB saw the boat come in.” So I went back and watched that beach scene again. There is NOTHING that actually points to that ship being Black Rock other than our imaginations and the similarity in boat style.

Flash forward to this year (Mmmm.. FlashForward… another cool show)… Shannon is NOT on the plane. Boone says he went to Australia to get his “Sister”. Note, he NEVER says Shannon. Remember, this is an alternative timeline where everything seems different. It is plausible that Shannon and Boone’s parents never get married and they are not step-siblings. And Shannon not being on that plane is a problem because Boone is meant to meet Shannon and ultimately they are meant to be together.

Like I said… lot of random thoughts going into this one… pick apart please! 🙂


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