Hail to the King and the #42

Written 8th April

I’m about to lose my LOST theory virginity here so please, be gentle.

Anyone read The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy? Of course you have, great book. After reading Lostitutes most recent post entitled “The Island Controls All” something clicked for me. What if the island is a giant computer matrix and our Losties are part of the program? The writers have always said that the occurances on the island can be and will be explained by all mighty science and what is more scientific than a giant computer program running its course? The pockets of electromagnetic energy are merely oversized lithium ion batteries. The Dharma Stations are the keyboard and Jacob and Nemisis are the mouse just clicking and dragging our Losties from on place to another. So I went deeper into this theory and was not at all surprised to learn that Douglas Adam’s ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything (42) also corresponds to the name Kwon on the cave wall….KWON is the answer!!! But which one? And what the Hell is the question?

   Next up is Stephen King”s the Dark Tower. I’ve heard mention of King in more than a few theories and they all imply the same thing. The island is the Dark Tower. A lynch pin of reality holding all other realities in place. If the Tower falls all realities fall…and we will cease to exist…We all know the writers of LOST have taken inspiration from King (The Stand, The Shining, The Dark Tower…) It’s a little obvious but my gut tells me this is a part of it, say thankee sai. LOST will end the way it began because ka is a wheel that keeps on spinning (everything else is progress).

Soooo we have an island that is actually a giant computer which exists as the nexus of all of space and time. Wouldn’t that make Jacob MAC and Nemisis PC?…just gave myself a wee chuckles picturing a commercial with Jacob and Nemesis debating the qualities of human nature.

There it is folks, my first theory. You will call the next day right?


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I love LOST....I love lamp...I love chair...but seriously, I think the reason I enjoy this shows, on OH so many levels, is because it is one of the few shows on tv that reallys make you think. There aren't too many shows like that left on tv anymore and sadly we will soon lose another. I'm a philosophically-minded person by nature, always questioning the why's and how's of any given situation. I love the idea of a good paradox and the irony of destiny. I also adore comics books. Can't get enough of them. Since I was 11 they have been my drug of choice. I love overdoesing on old issues of Frank Miller's Dark Knight or Bendis's Ultimate Spiderman. Did I mention Star Wars? I can't say enough how much I love that galaxy far far away. Fanboy says it best. Yes folks, I am a nerd to the nth degree, a dweeb of Chewbaccian proportions...AND I LOVE CHAIR!!!...I mean LOST...

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