Hurleys visits from dead people?

I don’t have time to check myslef but i noticed that the dead people Hurley meets always seem to have died in the opposite place to where he is,as in when he’s off the island Anna Lucia,Eko and charlie visit him(all died on the island) and Richard’s wife and his crazy friend Dave(I’m assuming he has died since he fled the mental hospital) both died in the real world but visited Hurley on the island?

Just looking for some feedback if anybody has any

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5 thoughts on “Hurleys visits from dead people?

  1. Interesting discovery.

    I think this is more a coincidence. I think we’ll learn more about this next week.

    In the mean time, Dave is not a real person. He is made up in Hurley’s head. When his shrink photographed him, there was nobody there.

  2. Yes, but it could just be that ever since season 1, Hurley was able to see dead people…therefore it would still make sense that in the photo Dave was not there (cuz I mean, u cannot see a dead people on a photo can u???).

  3. Hurley talked to Jacob to bring Jack to the Lighthouse. Honestly, I think the dead people that Hurley talks to may all be manifestations of (or at least guided by) Jacob himself.

    And yes, Dave is a figment, which is what made it so difficult for Hurley to realize he was in fact talking to dead people, he thought they were all just imaginary as well.

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