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After watching last week’s episode a thought came to me that Eli was also working with MIB. In the original timeline we know that Faraday is shot by her, this must have been devastating to Eli to know that she had killed her own son. What if MIB made the same deal with Eli similar to the deals he made with the other losties in which he would give Eli her son back. If this was the case, than perhaps Eli is really the master mind behind the plan that allowed MIB to find the loophole. Everything off the Island that Eli has been doing and influencing has led to where we are today. I won’t bother typing all the examples, but when you think about it, it would seem to be way too much of a coincidence to be any other explanation.

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5 thoughts on “Eli and MIB

  1. Interesting. She could have turned against Jacob like Ben did when he (feebly) stabbed Jacob.

    MIB deals:
    Nadia alive (check)
    Claire’s with A-aron (check)

    BUT, we also have the Jacob deals:
    Dogan’s son alive … and you never get to see him again (in this life) (check).

    I like your version, better. Ellie and her little pig eyes certainly does have the ‘evil grandma’ thing goin’. And it brings a tinge of glee envisioning that Widmore’s whipped. (Young Widmore certainly seemed to have that quality. Even ‘evil pre-season 6’ Widmore seemed to have that ‘awww, Ellie … you know I’d do anything for you’ thing goin’.)

  2. Great thought, a friend and I were actually discussing this idea. She pointed it out and it all just made so much sense.

    I wasn’t quite sure who it would’ve been she made a deal with, MIB/Jacob… but MIB I suppose is most plausible.

    The biggest instance is that Dan is no longer a scientist in this timeline. Eloise basically pushed Dan into science despite his interests in music, which eventually led him to all of his experience and then dying on the Island.

    This brings me back to what Widmore said to Jin at the end of “The Package”, that if MIB wasn’t stopped from escaping the Island, “everyone you know would cease to exist”. Some took it as an apocalyptic claim, like the world would be wiped out (still plausible) but I took it more as– the people you love won’t be who they are because everything will have changed (as in the alternate timeline). Hence, Sun not being married to Jin and possibly Ji-Yeon has been shot in the womb; Dan is not a scientist.

    Then in “Happily Ever After” Widmore acknowledges the pain of losing his son on the Island. In this alternate timeline, he not only is still with Ellie, he has both his son and daughter (though the extent of his relationship with Penny hasn’t been shown, the must be on OK terms if she’s coming to the charity ball and Dan knows about her).

    It seems that no matter what, destiny plays a role and certain aspects of who you were always meant to be surface in any version of your life…


    Do you think somehow, as we start to see these timelines merge, one of these timelines is competing to trump the other? Jacob must be championing one version and MIB the other…

  3. Thanks waycurious.

    Adayafar, I do agree the timelines are somewhat competing. You do bring up an interesting point to as which timeline is MIBs verses Jacob or which timeline is a result of MIB succeeding.

    I’d like to describe the merging more of a bleeding. As one timeline becomes closer to reality or end game, the characters on Island will start to represent that reality ala Sun losing her English speaking abilities.

    Things are starting to become interesting…

  4. I’ve thought about that too ADayAFar. I’m beginning to think that either MIB is on the loose or he has been banished entirely in the ALT timeline. The fact that the island is underwater could mean the MIB is caught underneath (beacuase we know he doesnt like water) or he’s escaped and the island, just like the main characters, is disposed of once it’s own purpose or destiny is fulfilled. Just a thought, and I think eloise being evil is very plausible, but it’s also very predictable because she is so creepy. I think the reason why she personally sent them back in season 5 is becuase she knew that they could possibly keep her from killing her own son. But unfortunately fate will always reach the characters of lost and she will end up killing Faraday in the ALT timeline as well, although it may be more accidental this time.

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