Killing Locke

I think that things have been building for a Jack vs. Locke showdown from day 1.

And Jack has still not came face to face with Smoke Monster Locke, and this to me is because Jack is the candidate, he was the man of science who had no belief or faith that the island was special, but now he increasingly is turning into the man of faith. He will be the final person Evil Locke will need to win over and he will attempt to win him over by using Kate, Jacks ultimate weakness.

I think the show will build up to a Jack and Locke final confrontation. I think Desmond will have to convince Jack in the alt universe to kill John Locke during his inevitable operation (Locke will go to Jack to be ‘saved’ from his wheelchair, maybe so he can dance at his wedding! much like why Jack fixed Sarah). It will be the ultimate show of faith, to kill a man to save everyone,everything and not truly know why. I think that if Alternate Locke dies his spirit will cross over to the real time line and smoke monster Locke will eventually begin to be taken over by the real Locke. A little bit like at the end of The Matrix Revolutions when Neo allows himself to be taken over by Agent Smith. Lockes natural faith will imprison evil. He will become the cork. A few weeks ago we saw Smoke Locke echo real Locke by yelling ‘don’t tell me what I can’t do!’. The bridge between the two realities can bleed through. The fact that young Locke drew the smoke monster suggests to me these two are bonded. They are a part of each other.

I think this has all been part of Jacobs Loop to wipe out Evil once and for all. He’s planned for the alt reality and for Smokey to take on John Lockes image as his final form.

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7 thoughts on “Killing Locke

  1. It is an idea quite possible.
    I really like your reasoning. The idea of Jack saving the world using his faith (when he use to be a man of science) is brutal. However, I think the outcome will be more complex than that and will not result in the death of Locke by the hands of Jack on the ATL.
    Anyway, it’s an interesting theory.

  2. I’m really liking this caps_locke..
    I’m always trying to think of ways Locke will come back, since I’m a Locke enthusiast..
    Your theory seems very plausible and something very cool that would fit the show..

  3. Interesting thoughts! I like theories that shoot for explaining the whole end of the series. Jack having to make a leap of faith sounds plausible at this point, especially if he is to “prove” himself to be “the” candidate. The ending will have to tie up so many loose ends- Desmond, Christian, the SLU, the sunken Island, Whidmore and Eloise, Daniel, Kate and Sawyer/Jack, Sun and Jin, oh yeah, and Jacob and the MIB, etc… So many things going on. I would speculate that the “bittersweet” ending will leave us with more of a general thoughtfulness than a real sense of conclusion like triumph of good over evil, or the struggle of the divine over the mortal.

  4. If I could ammend this theory slightly from what I posted last night then I would add a bit about how we know Jacob is trying to prove to MIB that people are capable of good, and that I believe the candidate is not to replace Jacob, but rather the person who will bring about the end of MIB. Jacob said of people who come to the island that it only ends once, everything up untill then is just progress. Plus we heard Widmore say to Desmond that he is going to ask him for a sacrifice. I have no idea how Christian fits into this, but he will definitely play a role in bringing about an end.

  5. caps_locke, i have been having the same thoughts about the candidates not being there to replace Jacob. I mean wouldn’t have Jacob sorted his replacement out before he allowed himself to be killed? He has stopped MIB from leaving the Island for centuries so why would he just stop caring now?

  6. An interesting theory, but I don’t know if Jack will kill him in the ALT. I believe that Jack will definitely be Locke’s surgeon, however, and that Locke will be able to walk and retain all of his “island memories” after the procedure. Locke’s last memory will be Ben killing him and it should lead to some more seemingly random revenge in the ALT, much like it did for Desmond.

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