The Dagger

This special dagger that supposedly can kill the smoke monster and Jacob has a specific set of instructions that come with it. Something along the lines of “you have to kill him before he speaks to you.” Now, if you rewatch the scene where Sayid stabs MIB, he technically didn’t follow directions as the MIB says “Hello Sayid” before he stabs him. The second time we see the dagger, MIB gives it to Richard to kill Jacob, with the exact same directions. Once again the person with the dagger doesn’t follow the directions. Now, if we believe these instructions (that have been repeated twice), then it got me thinking, whoever has not spoken to MIB yet, can still kill him. So who hasn’t spoken to him? So far I have only come up with these people.

Jack, Hurley, Desmond, Ilana, and Frank (If you come up with anymore please let me know)

If the directions are correct, than I believe one of those people will end up killing MIB. One problem with my theory though is I’m not sure if speaking to the MIB counts if he is in someone else form, for example Christian Shephard. A question I had that I’m hoping someone could answer is when Ben killed Jacob, was the weapon he used the same dagger?

To go a little farther on my theory, there’s something I’d like to point out. We all know Frank was supposed to pilot 815 but he overslept that day. Now think back to season 1. Who is the first person who died on the island? (I’m not talking about the guy who got sucked into the planes engine, or the cop who came with Kate) The person I’m talking about is the pilot. That was supposed to be Frank who died, but instead, he wound up on the island alive. There would be no reason to keep a character like him around unless there’s something more to it. This leads me to believe that Frank has a greater purpose, something important to do…like kill the MIB with the dagger.

Now I know there is no way the writers would ever make it so Frank ends up killing the MIB, but I was just hoping to put some stuff out there, on some things I feel havn’t been discussed enough yet and see what comes back. This is my first post on this site just for the record, hope you enjoy.

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14 thoughts on “The Dagger

  1. The monster is stuck in Locke form now, it can’t for some reason manifest the shape of other people or things. Also, the knife is not the same because how would Ben kill Jacob with it and then Dogan whip it out at the Temple to give Sayid? Not the same knife. And I’m completely sure they don’t keep extra’s of mythical weapons that can supposedly kill Black Smoke.

  2. nice one.

    Based on this, I would think Hurley will have to do the job. And jack (as the “one” and heir to Jacob) will have to convince him.

    Because Hurley is too good a guy to kill someone. Whilst it was in Sayids nature, it is not in hurleys. So in effect you will have to ask a good guy to make the ultimate sacrifice. Do something bad.

    And jack, who has always listened and trusted hurley, will now ask hurley to trust and listen to Jack.

  3. I like this idea and i have to agree with nachochris that It will be Hurley to kill MIB.

    Lapidus has to be there because if he wasn’t it would make the whole idea of flying the ajira plane off the island impossible. He may have other purpose also but I think his main one is to fly that plane.

  4. Who has Nemesis not spoken to?..
    Frank & Ilana, indirectly; @ beach in “LAX”
    Also, I don’t believe he has actually spoken to Miles. Of course, he has not spoken to David, Aaron, Walt, or Ji-Yeon.

    I don’t think this figures in the grand scheme of things. Jacob can be killed via stabbing (Ben) and Richard on the beach was just an earlier attempt of the same technique. I think Nemesis was telling the truth to Sayid when he said that Dogen sent him (Sayid) to stab Nemesis so that Sayid would die in Nemesis’ counterattack.

    As a bit of a side note, I think Sawyer is becoming increasingly impatient and unsure of Nemesis’ plans. I think he’ll end up leaving that team and joining up with Jack at some point. I hope so, cuz I really love when Jack and Sawyer actually work together.

  5. I think Frank’s only purpose is to fly the Ajira out of the island. Why would they bring back a not so important character that happens to be a pilot? He’s done nothing important. He’s been wandering around with Ilana. And as far as i know, he is the only pilot available at the Island right now.

  6. Dogan’s dagger may not have been the same Ben stabbed into Jacob AND it may not have been one that *could* kill MIB since Dogan kinda’ just wanted MIB to kill Sayid.

    The daggar Ben used clearly worked *and* with Jacob talking, and talking, and talking – indeed goading Ben to stab him.

    In fact, pretty sure Ben never got that “don’t let him talk to ya'” direction before he raised his hand girlishly and poked Jacob with the knife.

    Hurley – he kills with VW microbuses. *SPLAT*

    Sawyer … he’s *not* on MIB’s side, just running a con. (If someone’s previous theory is accurate, the fact his parents aren’t alive in Sidewaysville indicates he made no real deal with the devil … )

    Frank – yeah, there’s gotta’ be something goin on.

  7. Hi Vincent the dog, While it was a different dagger that Dogen gave to Sayid than the dagger that Ben killed Jacob with, it doesn’t detract from the overall point you are illustrating.

    Sayid did allow Nemesis to speak to him first, and I think this is why Sayid couldn’t kill him. I do believe that Nemesis can be stopped. I think this might limit who might possibly be able to accomplish this, and perhaps might not occur in a traditional manner.

    I’m sure Frank does have a greater purpose, whether it’s to fly Ajira or something else.

    Good thinking.

  8. i did mentioned in a post that even though jacob was stabbed it was eventually the fire that killed him, so it was interesting when smokie was slightly scared of the water… leadig to a fire + water theme??? this also links into desmond going to the magnetic pockets to set off another bomb which him and daniel were talking about in the other universe, by setting it of would cause the island to sink?? causing smokie to be submerged in the water he feared??

  9. Hi Vincent the dog, I’ve had some thoughts on Frank and him being the pilot that was originally meant to fly 815 – I think in the end, if anyone does end up leaving the island (our good guys, the ones that are not going to be the final candidate) it will be with Frank flying them out on the Ajira plane. They have made a note of pointing out that Frank is an excellent pilot, therefore maybe any other regular pilot will not be able to get it up and running and fly it successfully out of the field force they are in (like how he did with the helicopter). I think if we are in some sort of loop as others have theorised, maybe MIB knew that this would happen, and killed the other pilot on arrival thinking that this was the ‘special’ pilot (MIB having limited details, just knowing that it was the pilot of Flight 815). Jacob foresaw this happening, and ensured that Frank slept in that day because Jacob knew that Frank would be the only pilot to save the non-candidates in the end.
    These are pure assumptions of course haha I doubt this will be it with only a few episodes to go to explain it, just thought I’d throw it out there! 🙂

    On a completely different wavelength – we have to note that the captain of the Black Rock was killed (on impact) on arrival to the island. I’m not sure if that means anything, I just find it interesting that 2 people that piloted/captained transportation arriving to the island both died. The only person that has survived doing this is Frank..

  10. Yes that is correct, I was thinking more along the lines though of people that piloted/captained transportation which brought people to the island, this also includes the freighter (and the nice captain of that ship died too!). And, the rules don’t apply to Desmond, although him arriving to the island on the sail-boat was prior to him turning the fail-safe key which is what people have theorised as to when it began that the rules don’t apply to him. But with time travel and what-not, maybe the rules have never applied to him, and I’m probably just talking out of my butt 🙂

  11. Interesting thoughts, there … but MIB wants to leave the island – apparently on the plane. Maybe Lapedius was part of *his* plan and (further stretching) it was thwarted when Lapedius *wasn’t* on the 815 (which is why MIB was so angry/violent). After all, we have no idea everything MIB had to do for his loophole.

  12. I dunno if anyone else said this already, but what if the reason Jacob still exists (in spirit form or little-boy form or whatever) is because Ben didn’t use the “special dagger” to kill him? Maybe that’s why Jacob didn’t even fight Ben or attempt to get away and avoid his death – he probably knew he wouldn’t REALLY die because Ben wasn’t holding the correct weapon! Ha ha!!

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