Written 14th April

It seems like after the appearance of the dark haired boy with walking stick that we are being set up to see a back story on Jacob and Nemesis.

Could this whole story be a game developed by 2 young brothers looking to distract themselves from their issues with their parents (like all the issues our Losties have with parents)? However, due to the properties of the Island this “game” could actually effect reality?

My theory is that Jacob and Nemesis are not aware of these other realities or at least do not take them seriously as it is all a part of the game. Nemesis can win by escaping the Island (which will reset or erase the realities that have been created) and Jacob can win by keeping Nemesis trapped and protecting these realities.

So life as we know it developed out of this game (not intentionally created, but created nonetheless) and neither player has regard for it’s creation, they only are using it to win in the end.

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3 thoughts on “Children…

  1. Hmmmm …. interesting …. “You broke the rules,” is what a kid says, not a growedup. So it’s really about some poor kids, stuck in ‘hell’ for ‘eternity’. Kinda’ like it.

  2. What if what we are looking at is two extraordinary children who although grew into adulthood, are still locked into an endless battle for the attention and approval of a parent (higher being). What if MIB has grown tired of the game and believes is time to end it but cannot because is Jacob’s turn at play on the chess board. Even eternal beings get the “blues”. We will probably see the beginning of the conflict between MIB and Jacob soon and judging by the scenes with the young boys we will probably see the exact moment when they stopped aging and what their final move will be.

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