That’s The Plan, Fans

Written 14th April

Faith is a powerful thing, don’t you think? The second time Locke came face to face with ol’ Smokey it tried to drag him into a hole in the ground and if it hadn’t been for his fellow Losties who knows what would have happened. But Locke was not afraid. “Let go” he said, “it will be alright”. Locke is a man of faith. As the end of this wonderful show approaches I think we could all take a page from the book of Locke and have some faith. Last night is where I found mine. It started about 3 seconds after Illana blew herself to kingdom come. Illana was chosen by Jacob to protect the six. That was her purpose. But when she proposed to blow up the Ajira Airways Flight 316 plane she went against the plan that Jacob has known all along and for that she had to be eliminated. My faith was reconfirmed when Hurley finished off the Black Rock. The Ajira is not supposed to be destroyed. Jacob doesn’t want that to happen at all. But why? Here is where a little faith goes a long long way. Jacob has had a plan since day 1 and everything that has occurred on or off the island has been apart of that plan. Even though we, the viewers, can’t see the big picture he can and he always has. If the Ajira wasn’t meant to be destroyed to me that means that Jacob wants his Nemisis and the Six on that plane. It’s part of his plan. But again, why? We have been lead to believe that if Nemisis makes it off the island then everything would cease to exist. But what if that is all part of the plan too? Jacob isn’t the angel we have come to believe he is. Even Nemisis seems less evil and evil all the time. Both these men operate in shades of grey and to think that Jacob couldn’t be capable of evil is nieve. I mean evil is really a subjective thing. It depends on where you stand and how you look at it. It gets harder with each passing episode to formulate a theory about the end but I now think that if we just have faith in Lost, in Jacob, and in the writters then we will not be disappointed…I hope.

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I love LOST....I love lamp...I love chair...but seriously, I think the reason I enjoy this shows, on OH so many levels, is because it is one of the few shows on tv that reallys make you think. There aren't too many shows like that left on tv anymore and sadly we will soon lose another. I'm a philosophically-minded person by nature, always questioning the why's and how's of any given situation. I love the idea of a good paradox and the irony of destiny. I also adore comics books. Can't get enough of them. Since I was 11 they have been my drug of choice. I love overdoesing on old issues of Frank Miller's Dark Knight or Bendis's Ultimate Spiderman. Did I mention Star Wars? I can't say enough how much I love that galaxy far far away. Fanboy says it best. Yes folks, I am a nerd to the nth degree, a dweeb of Chewbaccian proportions...AND I LOVE CHAIR!!!...I mean LOST...

4 thoughts on “That’s The Plan, Fans

  1. I like your thinking with Jacob and the bigger picture, it’s something I’ve been thinking since series 6 kicked off as well.

    I think MIB’s loop finding was all part of Jacob’s Tapestry if you like. He weaved it and it’s taken a long time, but I think Jacobs end game has been to rid the world of nemisis forever then let the island perish.

  2. I do see the island going under as flight 316 is taking off.
    I also think the writers are just playing games with us, as far as there being any good in MIB, he just wants his way, and will do and say about anything to make that happen.

  3. I’m thinking along the same lines. I believe the true face of evil is a deceptive one. Jacob’s such a nice lookin’ dude that seems to want everyone to be happy and make their own choices…..

    What have we seen though? He makes deals with people (Dogen) and pushes them to do things his way. He doesn’t allow people choice, he chooses for them. He deceives. He’s been lying to everyone since day one. Look at how “the others” operated: deception and violence. Who’s led them all along? Jacob.

    I think he’s evil.

  4. I believe the reason that all of the losties are all with Flocke now, including Frank the pilot means that they are all heading for a showdown at the plane. The canidates are needed to surround Flocke and make him believe he going to escape the island. Locke will go into surgery with Jack as the surgeon and it will be just like when he had Ben on the operating table. Some kind of deal will be made on the island possibly with Hurley convincing Flocke about being able to go “home” with the rest of them. At this time Locke will have been successfully operated on and Flocke won’t be able to leave.

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