Dogen’s Epiphany

This is nothing fresh. In fact, it’s not even really a theory, it’s more like a mesh of realizations……

Dogen handed what appeared to be an extremely special knife to Sayid and told him to use it in killing evil incarnate. He spoke the same words that MIB spoke to Richard 150 years prior. “Don’t let him speak first.” Or something along those lines.

We can assume Dogen gained all of his knowledge of the island, and the knife, from Jacob. Jacob seemed to be the man that controlled everything the others did up to the point of his “death”. Perhaps this knife is literally supposed to be the blade that ends all evil, and Jacob wanted to keep it safe with the people that listened to him, and trusted him to no end. Anyway, perhaps there’s a good explanation as to why the knife didn’t instantly kill Flocke, and it had nothing to do with him saying “Hey Sayid” first.

It struck me as odd that Flocke saying “hello” would render the knife useless. What if Flocke merely coughed before Sayid thrusted the knife, or he had the hiccups? Would that be considered speech since sounds came out of his mouth? What I’m saying is that I really wonder how much truth there is to the “don’t let him speak first” thing, or if it was just a myth handed down over the ages. Regardless, the knife didn’t work on Flocke, and Dogen really didn’t seem too surprised when he got the news.

When Sayid came back to the temple and explained what happened, Dogen seemed different. As he was talking to Sayid about what Jacob told him back in the real world about his son and such, Dogen made a connection. He realized that what Jacob did to him, Flocke did to Sayid at that very moment. Dogen was then murdered immediately. It’s as if Sayid murdered him right when Dogen had his epiphany. I understand Flocke wanted Sayid to kill Dogen and Lennon. The timing of it all is what kind of struck me as odd though.

Long story short, however the knife was forged, let’s assume the knife can really destroy “evil incarnate”. It didn’t work with Flocke, for whatever reason. I think it’s because he’s not the one everyone should be worried about. Dogen was mistaken by referring to MIB as “evil incarnate”. It’s something he seemed to realize right before his death.

To backtrack a bit, like a century and a half, Jacob confiscates the knife from Richard during his attempted murder, and keeps it extremely well hidden in the grasp of his most trusted servants over the years. He really didn’t want that knife to get into an enemy’s hands, and it showed.

Jacob’s astounding ability to get people to trust him is rather frightening. Remember how quickly Jacob was able to turn Richard’s intentions around. Richard went from wanting to murder a man labeled “the devil” to working for that same man as an advisor in no time. It’s kind of scary when you think about it. He really seems to have a way with getting what he wants.

I’m not saying Jacob is evil and MIB is good. It’s nothing like that. MIB is basically just a bunch of pissed off smoke. Whatever/whoever MIB is, it’s apparent that Jacob made him/it that way, which doesn’t make Jacob seem like a good natured person in my eyes. There’s some good theories on here relating to how Smokie was formed, and how he came to be. I personally don’t know what to think about it all.

We’ve heard “God has nothing to do with it” from Sawyer. Perhaps that was some foreshadowing that the exact opposite of God has everything to do with it. I obviously still think Jacob is no good. It’s nothing groundbreaking. I’m just going to be extremely shocked if we find out that Jacob DOESN’T want the world to end. He sure as hell isn’t wanting anyone to blow up the Ajira plane.

I’m anxious to hear some thoughts on where you think Jacob stands, as I still think he’s the most important character of this show when it’s all said and done.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

6 thoughts on “Dogen’s Epiphany

  1. Chiefof16, Dogen likely was under the impression that the dagger could kill Nemesis from Richard, as this is what Nemesis told him to do to Jacob, when he encountered him.

    Considering that it was ‘the others’ who constructed the runway for Ajira #316 to land on, if Jacob wanted it destroyed; I’m pretty sure that he would have informed Hurley. Because he didn’t do that, this must fit in with his plan.

    If Jacob is not operating on the side of all that is good, it is understandable why Nemesis might want ‘the losties’ dead, as they are there at Jacob’s behest and to fulfill his overall ‘end game’.

    Again, I believe that It is a matter of ‘perspective’ with Jacob and Nemesis. We don’t have all of the information regarding their ‘game’ so it’s quite plausible that we may be in for a few surprises.

    The other point this raises is, the need for ‘balance’ on ‘the island’. If Nemesis leaves and a suitable replacement is not found for Jacob, what then happens to ‘the island’…..

    Good thoughts!

  2. Hi Chief, I like these thoughts as it reinforces the meaning behind the two scenes with Jacob/MIB with the knife as you said ie. MIB’s reaction “now, why did you go and do that?” vs Jacob’s reaction “WHO GAVE THIS TO YOU?!”. The actual meaning behind the knife is a different story ie. is it really to kill evil incarnate? or something else? and is still debatable, but you have raised an interesting point and I like the idea that Dogen did have this epiphany.

  3. Heres what I dont get…

    The knife has obvious importance, or why screw with us with it…
    MIB would obviously know the importance of the knife, hence him giving it to Richard.

    Sooo…why does MIB just assume that using a plain old knife would do the job?
    I get that he didnt have it, and as you say, its somewhat wise by Jacob to give it to the others to keep in the temple…but why just take a crack at it with a hunting knife or whatever that was?

    So I guess that would kind of act as a security to jacob that when they did come to ‘kill’ him…it wouldnt work out as planned.

    There is no reason that Jacob would give the knife to the others to kill MIB with, because it obviously doesnt work, and Jacob would more than likely be aware of that.

    Good post Chief…My instinct is to label Jacob good, but there is just one thought that I cant stop thinking about that bothers me in the situation…I just dont have anything really solid enough for a theory…

  4. AES – One thing I’ll credit the writers with is their ability to hide who’s telling the truth. Don’t feel bad. I don’t have solid evidence to say Jacob’s truly evil either.

    Good point with the hunting knife though. It crossed my mind while typing the post. I didn’t want to mention it because I don’t get it either.

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