“One day, Ill find the loophole.” “I’ll be here.”

Long story short:

Adding on to another theory, after jack lets John Locke in sideways die, Lockes spirit will leave MIB and Locke comes back to  life like Sayid did. After an epic battle with Widmore, the island will be saved. Most of the Losties will finally leave the island and return home. John Locke will then take over Jacob’s role as keeper of the island with MIB trapped as his prisoner. The ending scene will be John Locke sitting on the beach, eating fish or skinning a bore or carving new staff or something and MIB will walk up and sit down. Again, they will have their usual conversation that has been repeating over and over for thousands of years – MIB says, “Someday, I will find the loophole.” Camera zooms in on John’s usual carismatic smirk and John Locke replies, “You know where to find me…” Screen fades and we hear the usual “SWOOSH” and the LOST title appears on the screen. THE END…


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One thought on ““One day, Ill find the loophole.” “I’ll be here.”

  1. Not bad at all.. I can only hope that John Locke’s signature grin is the last image of the series.. especially if he’s on the beach as he does it.

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