desmond and the well and his forehead

i think that desmond wanted the mib to lead him to the well as he might have to find the donkey wheel for some reason. that is why he seems so calm and not scared. also when desmond is on his mission to ‘enlighten’ the others on the flight manifest he has his forehead clearly visible with cut on his forehead for all to see ,where as on the island his hair is sweapt forward and always convieniently covers the right side of his forehead where the cut is/should be. is this deliberate for some reason???

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4 thoughts on “desmond and the well and his forehead

  1. Can’t say for sure. I’ve already read that Desmond having a wedding ring on the plane in “LA X” was an editing error…So it’s apparent even these guys make mistakes. I’ve stopped looking hard for tiny details since I found that out.

    Also, not trying to be an ass, but why did you post this in three different categories? It’s not a theory for sure.

  2. Inquisitor –

    No kiddin’. If I was making millions (assuming they do) simply writing up some material for a show, or even just editing a show, I’d make sure there was no way in hell someone else could do a better job of it. I’d feel guilty as hell not seeing an inappropriate wedding ring on Desmond’s hand until it was too late, being broadcasted nationally.

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