Ilana – injuries/death explosion!

I have wondered for a while who/why ilana had all those injuries when we first saw her, and Jacob came to see her. How did they know eachother???
Then when she exploded it made me think……
Do you remember the conversation with Jacob & MIB, it only ends once everything else is progress….etc
well with all this time travelling / different realities what if with every bunch of candidates brought to the island, it comes to the fighting / curruption etc and ilana is brought in to help and gets injured or dies each time. This could explain why she was all bandaged up when we first saw her with Jacob.
She seemed upset he asked her to help again, but did not refuse!
Did anyone notice Jacob was in all Black!
Is ilana in a living hell which repeats over and over????

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2 thoughts on “Ilana – injuries/death explosion!

  1. Well, I don’t know about the repeating over and over – But I too noticed Jacob wearing black.. And this must have been intentionally – given the black and white theme of the show.. If there’s any real mystery/reason to it – or just a mindfuck – remains to be seen

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