Locke Run over

Maybe I am a complete idiot but I do not understand if or what the significance is of Locke being ran over. Did Desmond run over Locke for vengeance?

Please someone answer!

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4 thoughts on “Locke Run over

  1. I’m going with the theory that everyone has to meet up at the hospital (thanks whoever. sounds good.)

    Jack’s there. I *think* Claire and Kate are still there. Seems Sawyer was there. We haven’t seen Sun since she got shot, so it’s time she and Jin showed up and probably at the hospital. That leaves Hurley (maybe something w/his mom?), Sayid (his brother’s there), and Locke.

    2 other options, not mutually exclusive from the above.

    1) Jack works on Locke and fixes his back.
    2) MIB is weakened on the island.

    Those are my guesses, mostly based on other people’s ideas I liked.

  2. Desmond ran over Locke to facilitate a similar near-death enlightenment that both Charlie & Desmond experienced. Ideally, Locke is now aware of his past life on the Island and his history with the other Losties.

  3. I think that their has to be something to it that we are not seeing. There are other ways to joggle someone’s memory. I understand that it might have been the most efficient way to do it but seriously that was really surprising.

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