Why we think that Jacob is evil, and why I think that he isn’t

Hi all, I have read a few theories based around the idea that Jacob is evil, or people are questioning Jacob’s actions because the result of his actions are not all “good”.

Jacob’s actions appear to be evil, but I don’t think that they are…

Along the way we have seen people in Team Jacob get knifed or blow up, and we have seen that Jacob has the influence to stop these things from happening but he doesn’t or looking at it alternatively – has actually lead them into situations where they die, changed their paths so that they are separated from loved ones, and generally be un-squeaky clean. Also, keep people around for all eternity and not tell them what their purpose was (Richard) or ignore people that were loyal to him (Ben).

But what if, “they were supposed to die”. They = everyone.

Now I’m going to copy and paste what I wrote in a separate theory but it will probably get overlooked due to the fact that I also wrote about Desmond’s non-existent death in it hehe. Here we go:

Let’s have a look at who we’ve seen come to the island:

The people on the Black Rock
The French team (Danielle and crew)
Desmond on Libby’s sailboat
The people on Oceanic 815
The people on Ajira 316

And Jacob stated that there have been others.

What if – all of these people were supposed to die. Not because Desmond stopped pushing the button, not because of storms and tsunamis supposedly caused by special magical forces to bring
these people to the island.

What if – the planes were meant to crash because sometimes planes just crash (engine failure, bad fog, etc), the boats and ships crashed or sunk due to bad weather just being bad weather. What if all of these modes of transport did fail and was meant to cause the death of all of these travelers.

What if – Jacob knows this – and rather then let all of these people die “immediately” – he (by using the ‘magical’ Lighthouse) manipulated these inevitable events to occur near the island so that they would end up there with survivors of the crashes. We still don’t know what the island is yet and how it’s magical forces helped “save” these lives, but I suspect Jacob’s manipulations ensured that the people who were supposed to die (in a world without the island/Jacob/MIB) – didn’t die just yet. Jacob’s list of candidates, people who he watched all their lives, were people he knew were going to die as a result of these accidents.

Just to be clear, I am not leading to a purgatory theory. I just think that there’s this random guy that has random powerful influences and is trying to use the influences to prove a point to another random guy.

So if these people were supposed to die anyway, how bad now does that make Jacob if he kept them alive a little bit longer, to help towards good?

As an example, why didn’t Jacob prevent Alex’s death? Because going back to my examples above – Alex arrived on the boat in Danielle’s tummy. Therefore, if my theory is true – Alex was supposed to die as well. I think Jacob can only prolong death (either via his own actions, or via Richard and the Others), much like how Desmond prolonged Charlie’s death until “Through the Looking Glass”.

So how did Jacob know that all these people were meant to die? Time travel. He did not bring random people to the island just to be cruel and play with their lives. He looked a little forward and found boats and planes that were going to crash and people that were going to die. He knew who they would be, and then he made lists of potential future candidates.

Why not give eternal life to everyone like he gave to Richard? Richard asked for this. No one else that we know of has asked for eternal life, so who is to say that Jacob would deny them if they did? I don’t think Jacob would overtly offer eternal life to anyone because that would be cruel – people who are tempted will say yes but may end up living an eternal life of ‘hell’.

Now the only thing that stuffs up my theory is two glaringly obvious groups of people – the Dharma Initiative, and Widmore’s submarine crew. These are two groups of people that were looking for the island, and found it. I am going out on a limb here and I will touch on this in three points:

1. Jacob does not control or have influence over any deaths that occur on the island when they are the deaths of people that Jacob did not “bring” to the island. The Purge – Jacob did not request this and could not prevent this from happening, even though we saw Richard in the mix of it. I think the point of this is that sometimes – outsider’s influence can win over Jacob’s influence (he is not the be all and end all).
2. Hiding the island – this is Jacob’s influence. He hides the island specifically because he is not the be all and end all, and outsider’s influence causes unfortunate deaths where these people may have lived if they did not come to the island ie. these people were not supposed to die (ie. they were supposed to die a natural death in old age).
3. The submarine bringing Desmond and his importance. We still don’t actually know how Desmond’s influence will tip things. But if Jacob did “bring” Desmond to help towards the greater good, maybe Desmond is THAT important that he had no choice but to bring a submarine of people to the island that “are not supposed to die” and risk their lives, as it does appear that Desmond is a HUGE piece to the puzzle of what the hell is going on here.

The candidates? What has Jacob’s touch done for the people that he touched in “The Incident”? I think Jacob knew it was crunch time, MIB had a plan and Jacob acted fast to secure his candidates in “The Incident”. Kate was crossed off on the cave wall (according to Cuse in an interview) but she was not crossed off on the Lighthouse wheel. I think, cave wall = Jacob’s first draft, Lighthouse = Jacob’s final draft. I think Jacob’s touch in these scenes was him giving these candidates eternal life – but eternal life only works while on the island (explains why Sayid did not “die”). They are only going to stay on the island if they want to stay there (going back to my idea before on Richard wanting eternal life), ie. the final chosen candidate will be the one who finds faith and fulfills the mission to be new protector of the island. Candidates that didn’t die off island during Season Five didn’t die because the island wasn’t done with them yet. Locke had to die because his death was a part of a force on the island’s plan (the force being MIB in this case).

How about Walt? Well, we’re not sure if he is dead or alive currently, but assuming he is alive, the island isn’t done with him yet either. Gosh they better explain that in the next couple of episodes lol!

My thoughts above are purely based on the original timeline, and I have not taken into consideration what is happening in the alt timeline. Gosh that was a bit long, I think that’s enough on this subject! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Why we think that Jacob is evil, and why I think that he isn’t

  1. This is really interesting, and very possible.

    The only hole I can think of……Judging by the way the universe course corrects itself, shouldn’t everyone be dead by now? If 815 was to crash and kill everyone, but didn’t, wouldn’t the “universe” find a way to make everyone dead by now?

    Regardless, you have a good idea here. I’m not sure I’ve read anything like it to this day. That’s not easy to do this late in the game. 🙂

  2. Very novel theory. Way to go!U agree with Chief, a hard thing to come up with at this stage.

    As a caveat though, if everyone on Ajira was meant to die, then Hurley buying out 72 seats to save people throws a major monkey wrench into the Universe’s master plan, right?

  3. Thanks everyone… I still haven’t overly convinced myself of this but I was thinking hard of something that would put Jacob back in the good books, because if it was revealed in the end that Jacob was evil incarnate I think I’d let out a *huge groan*.

    Chief – well, we don’t have a lot of those left from 815! If we look at who is left:

    Jack – touched by Jacob
    Sayid – touched by Jacob
    Kate – touched by Jacob
    Sawyer – touched by Jacob
    Locke – dead, and touched by Jacob
    Hurley – touched by Jacob
    Jin – touched by Jacob
    Sun – touched by Jacob

    Claire – island is not done with her yet eg. Michael didn’t die until the island was done with him. Alternatively, we’ve been told that she is “infected” by MIB – so maybe this means she is protected to some extent from course correction.

    We also have (assuming) Rose & Bernard, and Cindy, Emma and Zach (and any other remaining 815ers) are with MIB. Cindy & the kids etc have been living with the Others (Jacob’s team), and now with MIB. We have to remember that whatever Jacob and MIB are, they are both powerful forces, so maybe as long as they are in their care they are safe from the universe’s course correction.

    Walt/Aaron – who knows, but they’ve both been portrayed as special, so without theories on their specialness it’s a bit hard to comment on them. Maybe as above with Claire – the island simply may not be done with them yet.

    That really just leaves Rose and Bernard. The last time we saw them, they kinda reminded me of Danielle in the good ol’ days, hiding out in the jungle. Danielle made a point of saying that she kept to herself and ran the other way if she heard the whispers, and she survived for 16 years until she started hanging out with the 815ers. Rose & Bernard seemed to shoo Juliet and crew away when they came across them in the jungle, as if Juliet, Kate and Sawyer would somehow bring attention to them. I don’t know how to fit Rose & Bernard into my theory, but maybe this scene was key because they could literally just be “hiding” from the universe’s course correcting.

    Hrmm… anyone else?

    Andre7 – wow yeah, that’s a good point! So do you think we’ve had 72 people out there that have now been in car accidents, drowned in swimming pools, hit by lightning? 😉

  4. Hmmm, well played HasBen.

    I still think Jacob’s a little shiesty…. But you have listed good reasons to think otherwise. I guess I didn’t realize that the only ones still alive are the ones Jacob has physically contacted.

    Good goin’. I wish everyone would justify their posts this well.

  5. The biggest reason that Jacob can be construed as evil, and something I think will play a major part in the coming episodes(purely as misdirection), is that Jacob seeks to end the island reality, i.e., he is bringing about the end of the world. Once people on the Island realize this, they will temporarily think he’s the bad guy. However, since the end of the island reality(it only ends once) actually leads to the creation of the ALT(a much improved reality where there is no puppetmaster course-correcting, and no doppleganger ‘evil incarnate’ temping the hearts of men), Jacob is actually working towards a more positive outcome than MIB’s selfish objectives.

  6. hasBen, Both Jacob and Nemesis were once ‘men’. Man is not free from sin, therefore it makes sense that Jacob and Nemesis would be displaying aspects of both good and evil.

    The question is, which one of them has more inherent goodness and which one of them has more inherent evil within themselves.

    While that may seem to be obvious, we still have a few episodes before we will actually know. Until then, it is open to each episodes interpretation of Jacob and Nemesis’ actions. Until we know for certain what each of their end-game is, we won’t know for sure.

  7. Thanks Chief, well after tonight’s episode there has not really been any more hint toward my post so I’m not sure what I think anymore, but that’s really the nature of the show isn’t it? 😛

    Rise & Dabs, I completely agree that both characters are displaying aspects of both good and evil, there have been enough cues in the show to confuse how we should feel about them (Jacob and MIB are very convincing, I think even I am infected! :P). I really was looking at the story from your typical TV show good guy/bad guy pov, rather than good/evil in the moral sense.

    Going back to my post – if in fact Jacob was delaying the deaths of these people in order to use them for good – this in itself is not a “good” act in by books, because that would mean he is interfering with the order of the universe, not letting these people pass on etc. But I would not call this an “evil” act, because evil implies that his actions would cause death – but if everyone is supposed to die anyway, then Jacob’s actions are more inherently good than they are evil.

    As you say dabs, we won’t know for sure what is happening until the very end, not long to go!

    So after “The Last Recruit” I’m not sure what I think anymore and I will wait it out until the end. But I will leave everyone with this quote, which in relation to my “everyone was supposed to die” idea, was the quote that got me thinking in the first place. From “The Package”:

    Jack: “That’s one stubborn tomato. Guess no one told it it was supposed to die.”

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