Smokey can’t leave the island?

Hmmm…..Flocke tells Jack that he was portraying Christain to lead Jack to water. Okay, I believe it. Then how was Christian in the hospital’s waiting area when the smoke detector went off (in the flash forward from season 4). That would mean Smokey can leave the island, unless of course I’m missing something………Please help me out.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

27 thoughts on “Smokey can’t leave the island?

  1. Im not totally convinced that he was telling the truth there. If he says no, then Jack has a reason to stay on the island. By saying yes it gives JAck a sense of closure and makes it easier for him to leave.

  2. Maybe the smoke monster can leave the island, but he’s just trying to get the candidates to leave. Because as Jack said, “maybe he’s (MIB) afraid of what happens when we stay”.

  3. Alright, here’s a crazy farout theory and I swear I haven’t been brewing this one up – I just did some checking on some timelines and thought of this (beware, it’s very far fetched!):

    What if, when Locke turned the donkey wheel with Christian standing with him – Christian was actually transported too.

    In regards to the “rules”, we know that MIB couldn’t kill Jacob directly. We pretty much get the idea now that MIB can’t kill the candidates directly either. I don’t even think it’s just the remaining candidates – as we saw tonight he obviously couldn’t kill Desmond himself (I don’t think he was just being lazy by getting Sayid to do it).

    So what if (and I’m sure someone has mentioned this before) – MIB is forever “tied” to Jacob/and the candidates. And Jacob/the candidates are “tied” to the island. This is some sort of “rule” – hopefully the rules will be explained in the next few episodes (my guess is that the rules are related to time travel / universe harming / whatever happened happened kinda stuff).

    So when the donkey wheel was turned and Christian went with Locke, Christian was able to stay off island because half of the Losties were also off island for 3 years.

    He couldn’t physically stay off island, because half of the losties were still on the island in the ’70s, and them being all connected-live-together-die-alone type people – the off island losties came back for the ’70s losties meaning MIB being back on the island but now as Locke. I don’t ever think his intention though was to be off island as Christian – it was just a way for him to continue to watch Locke until his death.

    We have to remember here that MIB and Jacob are super-beings of some sort, so although they do have their physical limitations they probably can still do super weird things like appear suddenly in the foyer of a hospital and then disappear into thin air, and not be seen sprawled out in a Tunisian desert alongside John Locke.

    So that’s my whacked out my theory for the day.

    Theory no.2 is that Jack just hallucinated seeing his father, and the smoke alarm was just misdirection. He was a druggie after all.

  4. Sorry me again and then I’ll shush – my first theory would also explain why he needs all of the candidates to leave the island with him. In order for MIB to live off island, there can be no protector of the island. It is too difficult for him to kill each candidate, because he can’t kill them directly, and would have to convince someone to kill each of these loveable characters (I won’t even believe that zombie Sayid killed Desmond until I see it!). So easy option? Take them with him instead.

  5. Im having trouble with this one too

    1. what you just mentioned

    2. he appears to Michael on the freighter – even though it was outside the islands bounderies

    3. Ilana tells us hes stuck in Lockes form, but we see Christian at a Dharma house talking to lapidus and sun..

  6. He can either project images of himself off island, (would also explain libby showing up to michael) or the ghosts were doing the off island stuff themselves.

  7. lichorosario – If THAT’S an error, I quit now. As we all should.

    Jacoblovesyou – You might be right, but what about what Jacob’s been saying for centuries? The island’s like a cork, retaining evil from spreading throughout the world. Guess Jacob’s lying again, cuzz this MFer can leave when he wants.

    HasBen – Your idea is interesting, but it would require a lot of explaining within the show, it could still happen of course, I’m just saying. I think you’re going somewhere with Christian transporting with Locke during the wheel turning too. I’d keep going with it if I were you (if there’s more to go with).

    As you said, Smokey could still be lying to Jack too….but then how did he know that Christian led Jack to water? That’s the only reason I think he’s being honest at that moment.

    SawyerGirl – Yeah, it’s getting pretty iffy. It just feels like there’s going to be some serious plotholes when this things done. Or Jacob and MIB are both compulsive liars. About your “number 3” though, we could assume Smokey wasn’t stuck in Locke form until Jacob died. I believe he was able to become Christian up until that point.

  8. ekolocation – you posted right when I did. I wasn’t trying to copy your “Smokey being stuck” explanation.

    Perhaps Walt has the same abilities that Smokey has. He was able to project himself in random places. His appearances couldn’t have been Smokey, Walt wasn’t dead yet. It’d be great to see Walt become Smokey or something meganuts like that.

  9. I gotta agree on this, either Flocke is being dishonest about being Christian, or the show just threw out yet another answer thats chock full of holes.

    Sawyersgirl45 brings up some points i thought about, and it doesn’t add up.

    I’m hoping that Flocke is lying for whatever reason, as we have been seeing a few ‘spirits’ this season.
    Unless of course the ghosts (including Jacob) Hurley has been seeing are not who they say they are and are infact also MIB. I dunno, i guess the writers can do whatever they want at this point.

  10. I think everybody would agree that while the Christian-is-Smokie explanation is one that many people were considering, there are some inconsistencies that don’t quite add up in a neat and tidy way.

    I think we can dismiss Chrtistian visiting Jack in the Hospital because Jack was a junkie at the time…either he was hallucinating or somehow the pill-popping allowed him to see his dead father in a hurley-esque way.

    With regards to the freighter, it IS possible that the freighter was within the outer confines of the island when Christian appeared and it exploded. Jin jumped off the freighter and was sent through time(thus he was within the island’s radius) so perhaps the ship drifted 100 feet as it sunk and ended up outside of the Island’s reach by the time the wheel was pushed. Granted, it’s not an exciting explanation, but it is possible…if Jin could drift IN, the freighter could have started in and drifted OUT.

    The more obvious inconsistency is Christian appearing to Locke in the Frozen Donkey Wheel chamber. The time period in which this scene takes place is at the very least 150 years ago, for the well wasn’t dug yet and the statue was still standing. This means that Smokie was skipping through time along with the Losties. However, if that’s the case, then who was hanging out with Claire-sseau and feeding her lies about who took Aaron? Who was pretending to be Christian in the barracks while talking to Sun & Lapidus? The Losties had yet to flash back, so Christian shouldn’t have flashed back either.

    If anything, this is an indication that those of us who put Lost under the microscope and analyze the details are going to be given some rather lackluster and inconsistent answers.

  11. Risebysin – you say “I think we can dismiss Chrtistian visiting Jack in the Hospital because Jack was a junkie at the time…either he was hallucinating or somehow the pill-popping allowed him to see his dead father in a hurley-esque way.”

    …..I don’t think we can dismiss anything quite yet. In my opinion, Jack would have to down 2-3 LSD soaked sugarcubes to see and interact with someone that wasn’t there. I figured the smoke alarm going off was a hint as well. If Jack simply had Hurley’s powers at that moment, well, seems kind of lame.

    You do make a good point with Christian skipping through time along with the rest of them all. I agree as well, the freighter very possibly was within the island’s bubble.

  12. Read my post from a few days ago titled “Christian Shephard”.. I theorized that some (but not ALL) of the times we see Christian, it is Nemesis.

    Nemesis tells Jack that it was him who impersonated his father, but the same statement would be true if he took his form one or two times; he didn’t say that all the times we’ve seen Christian it was him. He didn’t go through each time the audience has seen Christian and confirm each account.

  13. We still do not know all of Jacob’s capabilties and it may be possible that he could take the form of dead body’s as well. I don’t belive that MIB could leave the Island and show up in Jack’s hospital. It may very well be jack bugging out, OR maybe it has to do with Jacob and the fact the O6 should never have left. As far as Christian being down in the well, and that far back in time, I believe there are only two “people” that have been around that long and Jacob seems more likely the one to have pushed Locke to move the wheel, to set his counter plan in motion. So it could be that both MIB & Jacob were controlling Christian at some point (again we have still not been shown that Jacob has this capability yet but have not been told he doesn’t). As far as leading Jack to water, doesn’t that sound more like Jacob then the MIB – Jacob giving him a little push. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t Jack’s father lead him to almost walk right off the cliff at one point in that first Season. That sounds more like MIB… As for the boat, it definitely was within the Islands range, but didn’t shift in time because there were no Canidates on it, or viable ones for that matter. Juliet and Sawyer saw it from the beach – it was brought closer and with range of the Island when Desmond and Michael fixed the engine, but could not get any closer then that because of the radio interference from Keamy’s bomb rigged thigamajig. So it wasn’t in off Island range, but I still think that it may have been Jacob, not MIB controlling Christian when he told Michael his job is done. He made Michael immune from death, I believe he could determine when that immunity is abolished too – when the Island is done with him.

    I do not think we have all the answers yet to fully explain Christian’s appearances, but if Widmore is here now to stop MIB then in some way he must be in line with his old boss Jacob. This may explain Jacobs displeasure of Ben or that fact that he ignoring him for many years. Maybe Ben was never suppose to kick Widmore off the Island, and maybe all along Ben has been influenced by MIB, not Jacob. He kills Keamy without even thinking of the consequences, in turn Keamy’s death triggers the explosives yet Michael just happens to be there thwarting off the explosion while the Canidates get on the Helicopter to saftey… sounds more Jacob influenced.

  14. it might be as simple as jacob impersinates people also and it is all part of their game. cause we all know he can leave the island whenever he wants.

  15. Inquisitor – It would be nice to get a full recap of exactly when Christian has made an appearance, but most importantly, with the inclusion of what shoes he was wearing.

    If Christian wasn’t always Smokey, which I’ll go with for now, there must be a way to differentiate.

  16. ar420316 – I hope you enjoyed 420. I also think there was a reason the smoke detector went off in the hospital. That HAD to have some significance. I just think it showed Smokey being the culprit. But who really knows of course. Above all, I hope THIS gets answered in one way or another, because I can’t stand inconsistensies.

  17. i enjoyed it for sure… lol u got a point about the detector though. i think u are write about if we went back we woud be able to tell the difference of the shepards. i think after next episode we will have answers to this. at least i hope so

  18. I always wondered if Nemesis knows about the Frozen Wheel chamber (which he probably does), and if so, couldn’t he turn the wheel to “exit” in Tunisia? I guess that violates “the rules” too. God, they better explain the damn rules before the end.

  19. Inquisitor – Good point. Things like that make you wonder if the writers have everything under control. Why does Smokey even care about the rules? He’s evil incarnate (unless jacob’s a fat liar, which I’m just waiting to see play out).

  20. MIB is definitely evil! Pilot episodes he kills the Pilot… why? He orders Sayid to kill Desmond in cold blood – unless there’s a big reveal coming up that totally twist things around, I don’t remember Desmond ever being evil… so why would he want to kill him?

    Jacob (although maybe a bit “sneaky evil” in some ways) has been shown to be the balance on the scale where MIB is evil. I just don’t see them both being evil. He doesn’t promise anything to the people that he brings to the Island, unlike MIB how promises the world to people if the assist him in his cause. If they don’t, well then he kills them (at least those that he can).

    MIB offers conditional Love… Jacob offers love with no conditions attached. I belive we need to get over the possibility of Jacob being evil, it just doesn’t make sense to me to have a darkside and then a semi-darkside… where’s the balance?

  21. Ardent Knight – I see what you’re saying, and it makes sense. I too figured there’d be a balance here. It’s basically that way with every movie/show/book we’ve ever witnessed. Jacob’s ways of manipulating people is what gets me.

    Jacob doesn’t just allow people to make choices like he leads us all to believe. He finds ways to get people to do what he wants, or needs done. I still can’t get over how quickly Richard did a 180, from wanting to kill “the devil” with a knife, to becoming that same man’s “advisor” within a couple of minutes…..

    That being said. I agree. There’s really no way MIB isn’t an evil bastard, and I too believe there should be a proper balance here. I’m just not seeing any good out of Jacob quite yet. He seems to be a liar and a manipulator. At least in my eyes.

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