How Lost will end.

Jacob is coming to the island (himself or Aaron or whoever becomes Jacob anyway).

If Jacob arrives at the island and somebody tells him everything that happened and explains him what he needs to do, he’s going to go turn that donkey wheel and travel back to the past 5000 years ago WITH the smoke monster, keeping him emprisoned for another 5000 years.

– “It always ends the same”

MIB is living that loop multiple times, he’s tired.

– “It only ends once”

Everytime the loop restarts, it’s a new Jacob that comes, so he is not conscious of how many loops have been going on keeping the smoke monster emprisoned on the island. All he knows is what Richard or other people on the island tell him when he arrives on the island in 2010. Actually could be Jacob himself or could be someone else; could be Aaron, whatever. It’s always a new person (or a new version of the same person, for example a new Jacob with no prior knowledge) that’s responsible for keeping the smoke monster on the island.

That also explains why the smoker monster wants to kill anyone that doesn’t leave with him. There has to be no one left on the island when he leaves such that when Jacob arrives, he just lands there and lives alone for the rest of his life, without knowing what to do, or why he’s there.

Now the alternate realities are linked to this theory. The first alternate reality (season 1-5) is the one in which Jacob arrived in 2010 on the island, was explained what to do by Richard or whoever (you have to turn the donkey wheel) and by doing so has brought the island back 5000 years ago in ancient egypt times. For that loop to be maintained where the smoke monster is kept inside the island, we need to be in timeline 1 because we need Jack and everybody to cause all the events that do not lead the island to go underwater. Now the problem is with all the time travelling and specifically the quantum uncertainity on the explosion of the H bomb with Juliet, the first timeline has lead to the creation of a second timeline. The second timeline is as dependent on the first timeline as the ancientegypt-2010 loop is dependent on the first timeline. Something’s got to give.

So it’s either everybody follows the smoke monster/or dies, then the smoke monster escapes, Jacob arrives at the island not knowing what to do, and as a result the ancient-egypt/2010 infinite loops is interrupted, and the 2nd timeline is realised.

Or Jacob arrives and someone is still on the island, telling him to go turn the donkey wheel. Then the smoker monster is transported back 5000 years ago with the new Jacob, and they have another 5000 years to see whether it “always ends the same”.

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17 thoughts on “How Lost will end.

  1. I read this and thought..NO.
    Possibly the strangest ending theory i have heard, it makes no sense?
    You say the smoke monster wants everyone off the island so jacob would be there alone but isnt this the same smoke monster who asked ben to stay behind to look after the island?
    Im sorry its an interesting thought but im with the group that thinks the ending will be MIB and chosen candidate on the beach having the now famous conversation about how it only ends once. Sorry.

  2. You should listen to the extended episodes. It is clearly stated that the smoke monster said that _only_ so that Ben feels honored and loved by him. He was lying.

  3. I gotta be honest with ya. I know it’s fun to HOPE for a particular ending, but predicting the ending with these writers is rather pointless at this junture.

    As if we know anything about anyone right now. Is Jacob being honest with…well…anything? We can assume MIB’s not. What are everyone’s intentions? I believe that Sawyer wants to get off the island, but that’s all that I feel confident in saying at this point.

    I’m sorry, but to try and predict how this show will end is like taking a flight from Sydney to L.A. and somehow landing on the moon instead.

  4. It’s apparent after last night that Sawyer’s group is moving towards getting on that plane and getting off the island. Having Frank hang around this long on the show means he’s destined to pilot that plane.

    The upcoming operation that Jack is going to perform on Locke is crucial to the final outcome, just as much as Jack deciding to jump ship was.

    You’re right Chief about trying to predict how it will end, I think it is a cloudy picture that is beginning to come a little into focus. I’m still not sure as to whether or not Flocke is evil and I also believe Widmore to be ruthless in his desire to “own the island”.

  5. Predicting the end is a fun game.

    There is something to be said for your theory.

    Using the Donkey Wheel in some way would be a smart idea from a production standpoint in that it is a cheap re-use of an existing set. You do not have to establish something new or complicated and it leaves something to the audience’s imagination (5000 yrs into the past! Wow!). It also is something the average tv audience can grasp.

  6. I beleive the obvious part is sawyer tryin to get off the island by….sub….he has no intetions of taking the plane so lapidus will not be piloting anything

  7. This site is not what it used to be; remember we theorised on how season 6 would be we were just finishing season 5. It’s also theoritical considerations that enabled us to predict the alternate timeline when people were not believing it ( ). Actually the very name of the site is

    I’d really like to read you guys on how my theory is not possible rather than say it’s impossible to predict anything. What’s the point of a theory site if we can’t discuss theoritical predictions ?

  8. Jj23 –

    First of all, you’re right. This is a theory site, and I probably shouldn’t dismiss anything when I know as much as everyone else on here (that doesn’t read spoilers). I shouldn’t be so quick to count out any possibility.

    I guess all I meant was that there’s really nothing to go on anymore, and it’s frustrating as hell. At least to me it is.

    Last year we had reasons to believe season 6 would be one of three things. We had reasons to believe certain things would take place. Now, everything’s such a mess, that there’s literally hundreds of ways this show could play out.

    I suppose that’s good in a way. If figuring out the finale was easy, it wouldn’t be any fun. At the same time though, I wish there was evidence that ANY theory regarding the finale would be plausable. I guess I’m just frustrated in that regard. I’d take back my previous comment if I could.

  9. Jj23, nice theory! You are right that the site has changed. Earlier on, a theory that could explain what we have been shown in a logical way would qualify as a good theory, regardless of whether one thought that it would be the way the show would play out or not.

    But now, many of us are probably becoming increasingly worried that the writers will not be able to give us a good end to the show in the sense that it provides very logical answers to what we have been shown. So the only theory that will get the reception it really deserves is probably a theory that brings us closer to believing that perhaps the writers will be able to wrap it up after all.

  10. Jj23, I don’t think your theory is without logic. With the sheer number of names and numbers on both the walls of the cave and in the ‘lighthouse’ are indicative of a ‘loop’ that has been occurring consistently over time.

    Jacob keeps bringing people to ‘the island’, and it always ends the same as Nemesis states. Jacob states that it only ends once, but clearly it has not ended in the past. It has continued. So, I guess the question is, will this be the final round or, will it continue. I don’t see how this can be called at the moment, that it will in fact end.

    You may very well end up being correct. I think as viewers we should be open to this type of ending. I have confidence that the writers will leave us with something to really think about when it’s all said and done.

    PS: I was just recalling your theory that you linked above last week, and how much I think you were accurate about Jacob and Nemesis battling over the two time lines. It certainly appears that way.

    Great thoughts!

  11. I still say its gonna end with the Jacob MIB beach conversation, but this time its Rose and Bernard (who are also the Adam and Eve skeletons).

    Remember you heard it here first.

  12. Or it’s going to turn out that the Island is a place where books come to life. All of the countless references to storylines from different books over the past 6 season will finally make sense. Some insane imaginary world where Alice In Wonderland, The Dark Tower, A Wrinkle In Time, The Wizard Of Oz, The Stand etc. etc. all come together! LOL

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