WidMortar attack

So, are Flocke’s last words ‘You’re with me now’ true? After seeing that I immediately had to think of Claire dying in the Dharmatown explosion back in season 4. In The Last Recruit another Shephard, Jack, is blown away also by Widmore’s doing and if Flocke is talking the truth we got another Shephard joining the dark side.

BUT, I believe Jack is The Candidate and I guess he somehow is immune for Flocke’s claimings…

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4 thoughts on “WidMortar attack

  1. i think all the candidates are immune until death…and indeed the explosion did mirror claire’s house exploding. However, i dont think jack is dead.

  2. I’ve always said Jack would be the twist and not be the hero we we’re all expecting and I hope this pans out, him being there true hero will irk the hell out of me to no end. But Hurley did say that you can always bring someone back from the darkside (although he was refering to Sayid).

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