Desmonds Memories And Remembering

Ok so i think I have figured out something that has bugged me throughout the whole series about Desmond and why he only remembers his past changing situations when he does and this is why:

I’m going to have two Desmonds in this theory;Desmond Future(DF) and Desmond Past(DP).

Now I will pick the scene where Hawking tells desmond that he must not marry Penny and travel to the island and push the button because this what has to happen. All this happens during Desmonds first bout with flashings on the freighter. DF flashes into his past in order to have this conversation with Hawking,now this happens in his past to his pastself DP but it wouldn’t make sense that he wouldn’t of always remembered,as in before he started to flash back in time he would of remembered that conversation and it would of come as no surprise but I think how we explain this is that as DP was having his talk with Hawking he was being controlled by DF’s consciousness so when this was happening DP’s consciousness was not functioning(for lack of a better word) so he couldn’t remember this ever happening to him because it happened to his body not his consciousness.

This is why Desmond is so special because he is able to change what has happened even with the ‘What happened,happened’ rule because he can control his past body with his future consciousness and already know exactly what has happened and what he needs to do to change it,this is how he was able to help Faraday complete his test with his mouse because he could give him the digits he need to input in his machine to make it work,which only his future self could know.

Anyway just my thoughts please let me know what you think and whats wrong with it.

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3 thoughts on “Desmonds Memories And Remembering

  1. Desmond didn’t remember meeting Hawking because it was freighter-Desmond(i.e. a future version of himself) who experienced it for the first time.
    During those events, 1996 Desmond(or whatever year it was) was on the freighter having a meltdown.

  2. I think that makes perfect sense. So then the same thing is happening with the two desmonds in the alternate worlds? He seems different somehow though. Like he knows more than he lets on. Maybe this time both sides are the same. Both sides remember the other. Unfication of the minds?

    One last thing. Remembering a memory is officially called a “Remembery”

    My friends and I use it all the time!! HA!

    Sorry I just love that word!!

  3. Hate to point this out, kind of a huge flaw in your theory. Desmond did not have the meeting with Hawking in the past when he was flashing back and forth on the freighter, it happened after he turned the key, episode called “Flashes before your eyes” in season 3.

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