Did Cindy Zack and Emma die?

self explanatory in the title, I guess. Everything happened so fast I missed if they were killed or not.

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6 thoughts on “Did Cindy Zack and Emma die?

  1. We see Cindy and the kids with Flocke’s people trekking to the beach where they are shelled. I am not sure if you see them ON THE BEACH just before they get hit.

    Obviously, we do not see the mangled remains of the two kids, etc. but I guess my question is do YOU think the kids and Cindy are dead, have exited the series, etc. ?

  2. I was waiting for Locke to tell Liz Lemon, “Ummmmm, you just blew up Desmond.”

    And, Sayid – what kind of epic fail was that? Cops ALWAYS watch the back door.

    Speaking of back doors, where’s Richard and Ben? Just leavin’ them behind on the island they worshipped running from Smocke seems a little …

  3. Waycurious, Richard, Ben and Miles are probably on Hydra Island, right? (Haha, how on earth did you get there, Waycurious?) Someone speculated that they are the reason Sawyer’s gang didn’t get a very warm welcome by Widmore’s gang.

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