Lets be honest, who here feels disappointed?

I haven’t posted here for a while, as sadly this season of Lost hasn’t inspired much thought for me.
i feel bad for saying this, as it goes against all the praise i’ve heaped upon the creators and cast of this show over the past few years, but this season (and to a lesser extent the last one) has been pretty mediocre television.

I’d like to think i’m not the only one, and hopefully this thread will be a place where anyone who does feel a little let down can express their opinion. I’ve always thought Lost was this brilliant show that had all these brilliant ingredients that made it so much better than anything else out there, but now when i watch it its actually pretty…well…dull.

The first say three seasons i’ve watched so many times, and every element of them was brilliant, the script, acting, music, little easter eggs here and there. I felt everytime i rewatched an episode, there was something i’d previously missed. This season and the last i haven’t even bothered watching repeats as its just not that involving anymore. Somethings missing.
Now, i’m not one of these people that just watches it to get answers (although its getting that way as there isn’t much else left), but the way they are going about answering the mysteries mostly through dialogue has seemed pretty lazy, alot of the time contrived and at worst laughable. ‘Oh yeah, by the way, the whispers are ghosts’ ‘Yeah Jack, i pretended to be your dead dad’. I loved all the characters, and the flashbacks were some of the fantastic elements of the show, getting to know all their back stories, i felt like i knew them all so well. This to me was one of the most important parts of the show, and the show was never the same once they ended. Now i don’t really get what their motivations are.

The emotion is missing, i remember watching past seasons, it never failed to strike up the feelings they were trying to get from the viewer, i’ll admit it, even shedding a tear now and then. Now whenever the sad violin music comes on and theres a little ’emotional’ scene, it just comes across as forced and cheesy. It often seems like the actors feel the same way, as they do their best to make some of the poorly written dialogue believable. I’ve waited for each episode this season with baited breath, expecting that lost magic to happen after the last ones shocking cliffhanger, only to sit through yet another uneventful hour until the last couple of minutes.

It feels to me that only true fans of Lost would watch this season, as i can’t see any reason why anyone else would. All the elements that previously made the show great, the characters, the drama, the mysteries, have been replaced by some pretty substandard television. I do feel that although some don’t like to admit it, alot of you feel the same. I am just hoping that this past three seasons of setup (since ‘the beginning of the end’) is leading up to the epic conclusion that the creators have made it out to be, but i will settle for a reasonably satisfying ending.

So, please share your thoughts, open up and share with the group. We’re listening.

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I'm a hiphop producer from London, and obviously a huge fan of Lost. Its a bit of a love/hate thing as its made me cynical of all other TV shows (Heroes being one of the most overrated poorly written shows i've seen). Never been into much big american TV drama or Sci-fi, more into british comedy, but Lost has been amazing, and i really hope it continues that awesomeness in its final season. I'm usually pretty good at predicting the end of a story which can annoy people around me, but this show is so intricately constructed, even in its 2nd to last season, i still don't have a clue. I'm trying my best though.

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  1. I would have to agree with you here. The First 3 seasons of this show were amazing, and it seems as of late, they have strayed away from what made them the best show on TV. The writers have always stated that there was a beginning, a middle and an end to Lost yet recently to me at least it seems as if there running out of time. I don’t want to sit here and hate on lost, because in my mind it still is arguably the greatest tv show of all time. There was a post after last wks ep, that stated similar concerns, especially talking about how they just answer questions head on. To me the best part of the show was the mystery, and yes i want the mysteries to be answered, but come on be a little more creative then this. Evry week i count the hours until the next ep, and every wk i am disappointed, they need to stop with the filler episodes, answer some of the real questions we all have (fertility, dharma, mib, etc) and go back to the roots of the show.

  2. For me, the reason to re-watch episodes was because it seemed like every statement held some clue to one of the many mysteries on lost. But now that we know so many of them people miss not knowing so many things.

    While there have been a few great episodes, I do agree that some of the season has been a disappointment. I really expected them to have to have a great episode nearly every week and to have some super shocking moments. Im really hoping for a big finish, and not a sub-standard one that leaves me mad for years.

  3. This season sucks. Last night’s episode was absolutely boring. NOTHING happened, unless it went right over my head. I feel like I need to watch to the end the way you need to finish reading a book but frankly I’m bored with it.
    I hate the way they are giving us answers like they’re checking boxes on a list. Pathetic.

  4. This season the writers definitely rolled the dice and decided to create a season that will be more significant upon review than it was the first time around.

    It’s definitely risky to bank on a reveal in the final moments of the season changing the context of the entire season, but I’m pretty sure that’s where we’re headed. Viewing the sideways scenes with this knowledge has made me ‘suffer less’ than it seems many fans are suffering through this season.

    I think when we watch the final two hours of the show, we’ll see that there was an abundance of puzzle pieces they’ve been waiting to slide into place, and die-hard fans will appreciate they way they fit together.

    Regardless though, it has been lame seeing Sayid be rendered useless and uninteresting, Desmond’s absence for so many episodes, talking about a war instead of fighting one, useless characters like Ilana, Cesar, Bram, Lennon, etc.

    Some of the magic has definitely been absent, but again, I think in hindsight this season will be viewed in a greater context, in particular the ALT.

  5. I suppose i agree to a certain extent… Its not that i think they’ve done a crappy job with it, it’s more of the pace of the show. Everything that we have seen this season would have been written into about 5 episodes in the previous seasons.
    So if i analyze everything, my only problem is that they’ve slowed the pace down and seem to be dragging it all out.

  6. risebysin, I agree with you. I also think that the final episode, perhaps even the final minutes of the show will place the entire season in a ‘different’ light.

    BUT, I am afraid the significance of the Sideline will not be deeper than spillover effects (which we are already witnessing) and character intersections. The dull thing about it is that those intersections aren’t special; after the first one it became predictable. And the spillover effects haven’t occured often, and the characters only started having visions of them other selves since episode 12, 4 episodes until the end of the season/show… So I am afraid most specific Sideline scenes won’t have any real significance.

    But maybe I’ll be proven wrong and for example Jack’s Sideline kid will be of significant value for the entire story.

  7. Shephards_flocke, I’ll gladly share my thoughts…..

    Look at how last week’s episode ended: Jack and Locke were about to conversate. How did last night’s episode end? Jack and Locke were about to conversate.

    Nothing happened last night. Nothing. So a few losties made it to Hydra island, that should never take an hour to explain. The flash sideways still means nothing to us right now because we still don’t even understand the full meaning of it yet. Last night’s episode was the by-the-book definition of “filler”. It led nowhere, and lacked any kind of excitement or intrigue.

    Like ekolocation, I was invested into this show all the way through season 5. I enjoyed last season although it made the show that much more confusing. This show has moved nowhere since the season 5 finale, and it’s been a drag.

    Risebysin’s right. The writers are banking on the finale to save the day. Do they not realize there’s roughly 16 episodes that need some substance before then?

    I posted a very similar post last week, and I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here. But I’m sick of saying to myself “Well, I’m sure next week’s episode will be better.” It just hasn’t happened yet.

    I better stop before the LOST police catch me and sentence me to a rewatch of season 6 up this point.

  8. glad i’m not alone.

    I also agree with Risebysin, probably wishful thinking, i think they are counting on the end being some massive event that will change the context of the season and hopefully the whole show.
    The only problem is, thats the only reason i’m really watching it at this point, but until then it should at least be entertaining.

    Its starting to feel like that joke ‘how do you keep an idiot in suspense? ….’ I just feel like when they decided to end the show after 3 more seasons back when they were making season 3, they could have just done it in 2 more, or possibly even 1. Since ‘the beginning of the end’ its like they’ve had this cool ending idea and these three seasons have just been about getting to that final episode, rather than actually telling a story, or developing these characters etc, and its starting to show.

    I still love the show, and its still better than most guff on TV, i’m just starting to feel that i’ve praised the show so much for its originality and quality, that i feel let down by the obvious and unoriginal answers to the questions. I mean, the whispers are ghosts? I was really hoping it would be some cool time anomaly thing.

    I guess i’m just not getting the ending i wanted, and i should just get over it.

  9. I think the writers should have made this a full season. That way some of the reveals could have been have been arranged better. Hurley saying “Oh, I think I know what those whispers are” was a total let down. The writers don’t have enough time in seventeen episodes to answer all the mysteries or develop the stories ending properly, IMO.

  10. Have not posted in awhile but I have been checking out the comments and theories across the board… Very Interesting reads by the way – for the most part. Kudos to all!

    After seeing this post, I had to chime in though… and I will first state, that I disagree wholeheartedly and that I feel this season has been awesome! I’m not sure what you all expected from this show, but I get this feeling that those who posted comments agreeing with shepards_flocke’s disappointment over this Season are really more disappointed in the fact that after 5 more episodes, we will have seen the last of LOST. It’s just that prevailing deflating feeling that seems to be growing in all of us, because as someone mentioned above “The Greatest TV Show Ever” is about to end. So perception wise in regards to what we have been showed so far this Season, it seems like a lot less and more disjointed compared to previous Season’s. As far as stalling, wasting Episodes, etc. I just don’t see that. Could there have been anymore wasted episodes than there was in Season’s 2 & 3… Nikki/Paulo for one… We so easily forget, and there were many more too, I’ll let you all add to that one…

    Listen, LOST has always worked this way. Think of the show like a good book, when you get to the end, you don’t want it to end, so when you finally get there, you are usually a little disappointed and disgruntled. I think about all the Hitchcock movies that I enjoy and believe to be Master Pieces (most), but the endings are never as good as the ride! How about the LOTR – same thing… when things are this good, your bound to be disappointed with the end… because you do not want it to end!

    I believe that months/years down the road when most of you look back on this Season you will see it in a different light.

    A key to life which gets so LOST in today’s fast past, short attention spand, immediate gratification world that we live in, is that we should live life in accordance to the “means to the end”, if you skip the means and go straight to the end, you miss the substance, fullfillment and the experience as to what it really “means” to be alive. Be patient and trust! I guarantee you all that the creators and actors will not disappoint. And if at the end you still think that they have failed then I believe you are holding the bar way to high in life, or you are just simply another sour grape.

    My two-cents.

  11. I completely agree, the way they’re telling the story seems to have changed completely, and I’m not sure why but some of the sparkle is definitely missing.

    For one we still don’t know what the deal is with MIB leaving the Island, what Widmore’s up to, all we get is cryptic dialogue like “If he leaves, that’s it”. That’s what?! Maybe if we knew what the stakes were we could relate a bit more to the situation, but now we’re just being strung along not knowing what the Hell’s going on. I know this is a different way of telling the story, but it’s one I find most frustrating. If we knew what was going on, we’d still tune in each week!

    Personally I’m now just frustrated at the lack of answers, rather than waiting each week in anticipation for the next episode, now I’m thinking “For God’s sake just tell us what the f**k is going on!”

    They definitely seem to be dragging out irrelevant narratives longer than they should be whilst not spending long enough on the mysteries we actually want solving. This combined with the lack of excitement, intrigue and diversity in the first few seasons – now everyone’s personalities seem to have dissapeared and they’re either wanting to stay or leave the Island – makes for annoying tv.

    They’re definitely answering questions lazily, as someone said through dull dialogue – maybe if they’d solved a few more mysteries as they were going along they wouldn’t be in the position of having to answer everything at once!

    So yes, a very frustrating season…I’m just holding out hope it comes good in the end.

  12. I’m a total Lost fanatic and think about the show pretty much throughout the day, each day. Though I am excited to see every episode each week (granted this is the first season I’ve watched as it aired; started watching Lost after S5 ended), I feel somewhat “dissapointed” as well. Seasons 1 and 2 were the best (by far) but I feel there has been many moments in the later seasons that do the show and the writers justice. There’s two kinds of excitement for me in Lost; character drama and mythological mystery/island history. The one great part about “The Last Recruit” last night was Jin and Sun’s reunion, reminding me of Bernard and Rose back in S-2. I have been waiting and waiting to see Sun finally find Jin. And I have to admit, one of the few moments that actually made me cry was in the S-5 finale when Sawyer dropped Juliet, so the character drama had continued through into later seasons. Season 6? Not as much character drama. Although I have much enjoyed seeing Nemesis (Titus Welliver) in a few episodes, I’m still agonizing between episodes for answers and instead just getting more confused at times. In general, I agree that the show has “lost” something. But I still enjoy the hell out of it.

  13. Ardent Knight –

    You raise a good point. No one here wants to see this show end. You’re also right with mostly everyone wanting instant gratification these days…it’s very common. I’ll tell you right now though, I don’t care about answers to questions. I simply want some entertainment like the days of old.

    I think our problem right now is the fact that we could almost enjoy an episode of “Desperate Housewives” more than this.

    I know this show like the back of my hands, just like everyone else on here, and yet I feel like I know nothing about it anymore. Not only that, I’m not excited about anything that goes on anymore, because everything on this show just revolves around Jacob and Smokey now.

    We first see this couple as recently as the season 5 finale. And now, suddenly, we’re led to believe that everything we know about EVERYTHING within this show, has been their doing. Not only that, the story stopped moving after the first episode of this season. I personally feel like the show got stuck.

  14. I cannot agree with those who say this season has had nothing to offer.

    In any three act play, the third act is rarely the most engrossing or interesting part of the journey. The only wow moment in the last part of King Lear is when he walks in with his dead daughter in his arms.

    I thoroughly enjoy the sideways alt reality flashes. Having built a great deal of detail over 5 seasons it is possible for the writers to now have a bit of fun with this alt reality and feed us back some weird and surprising version of what we have come to know.

    I still have faith that there is a reason for all this. On some level the characters in the 2007 island reality will become aware of that alt. reality and use the knowledge in some amazing way.

    Also, though there have been fewer absolute Wow! moments this season they have been there. And the two episodes before last night’s were as good as any from previous seasons.

    As for secondary characters, we have had Ilana, Brams, Zoe, Dogen and Lennon this season. Canon fodder, yes. But they have been no more or less significant for me than Ana Lucia, Nikki and Paolo, Jill the butcher, Minkowski, Boone and Shanon, Eko, Charlotte, Cesar, Carl, Alexandra and Rousseau, the two lawyers from season 5, Keamy, that big scary black dude who drives Locke around, Arzt, or even Daniel Faraday!

    Lost has made a tradition of introducing characters who are red herrings. Some are really interesting, some not. Some we thought and hoped had a bigger part to play in the resolution of the enigma, some we just wanted gone!

  15. I find it funny that they seem to be both wasting time (the Last Recruit seemed very empty) and running out of time (provide all the major answers in 5 episodes?!) at the same time!

    I have to say I loved season 5 and if I had to pick my least favorite season, it would be season 2. That to me seemed like a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Why did they introduce the tailies just to turn around and kill them off? (Not counting Bernard – but who knows what the hell happened to him and Rose?)

    I also think this currrent season will mean more upon rewatching. They’ll pull it all off in the end, and when the DVD comes out everything will make sense. It is a little weak… they could have found a way to make the finale important AND not bore most of us to death with the first 16 episodes.

    So I guess I am disappointed, but at the same time I think that the ending is going to blow our minds. They have always had an ending, they aren’t just making it up. If anything it is probably going to be season 2 & 3 that seem out of place.

    In any case, I give them mad props for keeping it as good as they did for as long as they did. That does’t happen very often and I’m sure as hell going to miss it.

  16. I have a feeling that starting next week the dragging on and stalling will all come to an end. In the final season of the Sopranos, the last few episodes were non stop action and suspense, and I get the sense that this is the kind of ride we are in for on Lost starting next week.

  17. Well, I have to agree with some of the frustration and disappointment that’s going around here with this season. Undoubtedly, part of this feeling comes from what some of you have said: I simply don’t want this amazing show to end! As episodes air and the season (and series) finale comes closer, my “lost” clock tells me there is 40 FRESH minutes less of LOST to be enjoyed – EVER – and that is KILLING me!!!!

    Let’s face it, LOST has been a trip – and what a trip! I cannot remember any show, any movie saga…. ANYTHING on TV or at the movies that has ever got me so hooked and thinking so much on what is really going on in the background. It simply got me mesmerized from the very first minute, and I cannot even begin to recount the endless conversations, dreams, thoughts, ideas, highs and lows that I’ve experienced since… and all thanks to these guys who have brought television to another dimension – LITERALLY. Seriously, folks, LOST will be VERY difficult to top, or even match….

    So, I say, let’s enjoy the rest of the season…!!! Granted that it’s not the same roller-coaster ride we’ve come to expect from previous seasons, but at the end of the day, it’s the last season of the show we’ve come to LIVE and BREATHE for 6 whole years… Whether we love it or hate it, whether it resembles what we hypothesized or not at all – it will be the end that its creators came up with. And if we love the show, we love it ALL – not just the parts we enjoyed the most. I guarantee each and everyone of you that, many years from now, you will still be talking about LOST with the same passion as today….!! I know I will!!!

    Just as a side note – I also feel that this season is rambling on…. But, without a shadow of a doubt, “AB AETERNO” on its own has been worth the ride…. We want more episodes like that one!!!! Come on guys!!!!!

  18. The reason that this season seems to be dragging alone is because the final answers to Lost are as simple and mundane that if they gave us any other hints we would figure out the end now. This show has created so many different questions that we are trying to put a puzzle together except we are missing many pieces. Think back when we were first introduced to the Dharma initiative. All these secret underground experiments. It gave the illusion that perhaps this is what Lost was all about and the Losties were just lab rats. Now we know that the Dharma initiative was just a handful of the many different groups of people that have been on the island. Lost will come down to a character simply saying β€œNo that is enough and I will not play anymore”. This was foreshadowed when the we last saw Bernard and Rose. They had stopped running, fighting, and trying to leave the island. They were simply happy to be together for whatever time they had and gave control of their lives to their faith.

  19. I liked the first couple of episodes of season 6. When they arrived at the Temple and Dogen I thought that we were going to get some interesting answers regarding the history and mythology of things. But then it turned out that there was not more to the mysterious Temple than to the mysterious Dharma Initiative. And then Dogen was simply killed off.

    And I have to agree with Skipdrocer that the answers that have been given to us seem so simple and mundane, and not enough elaborate.

    “Dogen was the only thing that kept Smokey out of the Temple.” Ok, why is that? And why didn’t you try to protect him better? And what about the ash around the Temple? What about the ash in general?

    “It was in fact the Monster who impersonated Christian on the Island so that Jack would find water.” Ok, why was the Monster so keen on Jack finding water? Now it feels highly uncertain that they will ever fully be able to explain this concern with the well being of the Losties. And what about Christian’s all other appearances?

    “The whispers comes from all of us who can’t move on from the Island.” Ok, does that mean that not only Hurley but also everyone else can communicate with the dead? What am I supposed to do with this piece of information? So it’s Purgatory after all? Why did you lie to me?

    And so on.

    But even though we won’t get fully satisfying answers, I’m looking forward to a spectacular finale. SPECTACULAR! I expect there to be not a single dull moment. ASTONISH ME!

  20. I guess alot of you are right, the shows coming to a close and i’m starting to feel it.

    A few have mentioned Ilana, and that is a perfect example of some of the ‘not so great’ writing on the show. She was introduced on the show, we then saw that she had quite an important role and even knew Jacob!
    Then she just gets blown up, as cool as that was, it just seemed a little underhanded on the writers part, its like giving a kid a balloon and then bursting it.
    How did she know Jacob? We all got excited when we saw the Ilana & Jacob hospital scene play out again, hoping we’d learn something intriguing. Istead we just got another vague comment ‘you have to protect the candidates’, was there much point in showing us the scene again just for that?

    I feel this holds true to alot we’ve seen this season, the temple, Dogen, Cindy etc.
    One thing that worries me a little is, i’m excited about the finale, but i’ve heard the producers saying several times they are going into hiding for a while after the shows end, seems they know alot of us will be ticked off.

  21. Agreed with most of the thoughts here.

    Also one of the problems is IMO that the show lost the majority of the mystery. For example, the lousy Hurley comment on the whispers is indeed a disappointment.
    Answers should be given through some kind of awesome scene, not by some dull comment.

    You can also see it the other way. I think the loss of mystery is partly due to the answers we’ve been given. Whispers – nothing scary about them anymore after what and especially How Hurley said, Jacob/MIB – I so liked the season 5 finale scenes with them, so much mystery, but now it feels like a Flock wants off the island? Those awesome mysterious scenes were just about that? Smokey – we now know Flocke can go Smoke instantly, so the mystery is totally gone.

    This is not a mistake of the writers; it’s inevitable that because of the end of the show alot of mystery is lost. And mystery was THE main reason I got hooked up on Lost.

    But besides that they can’t really do anything about that, they also can…
    I feel the music, the scenes are way less touching than in the other seasons.

    By the way, I liked the temple scenes in the beginning because they had this mystery. Loved the scene where they rang the alarm because Smokey was incoming…

  22. Unfortunately, the next episode will not air until May 4th, so we’re in for a whopping TWO WEEKS of wait for our next “dose”….

    The title, however, suggests we’ll be getting some information on who the 6th remaining candidate may be – or even who the successful one will be, after all…

    I reckon we’re in for a good ride from here til the end of the show… LET’S ENJOY IT!!!

    [Edited by Admin as containted upcoming Episode titles]

  23. Ooooops!!! SORRY!

    I didn’t realise this was against the rules here! I found this info checking the ABC website and thought it would be ok to mention, since it’s public domain.

    Really sorry, won’t happen again…

  24. Theres nothign really going on at all… seems all they are doing is sitting around chit chatting the whole season…move to another area…sit around and talk….thats about it….oh something blew it….talk talk

  25. Hiya

    Sorry, this has nothing to do with your theory. I noticed a comment you wrote on another post about the finale airing in the UK as it does in the US. Is that on Sky? They’re advertising it as being on 28th but if I can watch it beforehand then that would be great πŸ™‚ Any info would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚


  26. Yo Admin!!

    The good news, great news infact, was released yesterday, the lost finale will indeed be aired on Sky one as its aired in the US aswell as many other countries.
    Here it’ll be 5AM monday morning!!

    Really nice way to end show for us uber-fans, hope you’ll be there, i’ll have a cup of tea ready for you!

    BTW, was the post ‘FED UP’ removed? It seems to have dissapeared, i guess the bickering escalated, the shows climax must be getting to everyone.

    Gotta add aswell, thank you very, very much for this site, and the running of it, its been alot of fun, i will miss discussing new episodes with everyone. Its really is the end of an era, eh?

  27. Fantastic! I’ve just set my Sky+ to record it. We were planning a little finale get together with some of my family on Friday but I think we’ll be changing it to Monday now πŸ˜€

    Thank you sooo much for letting me know πŸ™‚

    PS. Yeah, I removed that post, it got a little out of hand and with us so close to the finale I didn’t want that sort of thing on here – everyone should be excited, not bickering πŸ™‚

    Definately end of an era… I’m excited and sad all at the same time.

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