Leaving the Island

So one thing has been puzzling me over all others recently. While it concerns leaving the island, it has less to do with the coming end to lost, and more to do with a scene from Season 4 (maybe 5). When the Oceanic 6 left the island on the helicopter/raft, they made it back to ‘the real world.’ In their time back in reality, their lives continued. 3 years passed.

What’s bothering me is when Jack was back living his life, he saw an image/vision/manifestation of his father Christian. We know that Jacob had the ability to leave the island, as he touched all of the candidates, but MIB who was occupying Christian’s body at the time (on the island) seemed to appear off of the island.

If MIB is unable to leave the island without all of the candidates, how is it that Jack saw Christian?

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2 thoughts on “Leaving the Island

  1. This has been a question asked in many different forms recently.. I keep answering the same each time. Read my post “Christian Shephard” posted in “theories” last week. Sometimes it’s really a manifestation of the real Christian and other times it’s Nemesis pretending to be him.

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