Sun recognizing Locke?

I’m not sure if I missed something, but are we supposed to understand how she recognized Locke while being wheeled into the hospital? Has there been something in the season so far where she has seen him in the ATL? or should we be assuming that she had a near death consciousness flash and might have seen him as the bad guy on the island?

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7 thoughts on “Sun recognizing Locke?

  1. What do you think that says about Locke & Helen? Locke didn’t have any flashes when he had a kissing moment with Helen, and she was supposed to be his true love…

  2. Ooh I didn’t think her flashing when she hit her head, but that does make sense. Similar to when Desmond got hit with a baseball bat(?)in a pub in his flashback and flashed back to the Island.

    Plus she doesn’t speak English in the ALT (or does she? I don’t remember) so this could be why she forgot it in the Original Timeline. It’s all coming together!…Somehow.

    This again makes me wonder if Jughead actually did create the alternate timeline – it probably did, but it could be the place where everyone has “ceased to exist” as Widmore put it, as they’re now completely different people. But Sun is slowly remembering Locke as the bad guy…hmmm…we’ll see.

  3. @losttrackof time – I don’t think Penny was ever on the island… but Desmond flashed when he shook hands with her at the stadium? I don’t know, we saw Locke have at least one extremely emotional moment with Helen but no flashes…

  4. Honestly do not think the writers have firm rules on when people connect the two timelines.

    They are just using it as a dramatic effect in the story telling.

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