Ideas for a Lost spin-off show…

Just thought I’d get the ball rolling on this one before the writers get any ideas…

How about a cop show with ALT Sawyer and Miles? Now that I would LOVE to see!!

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19 thoughts on “Ideas for a Lost spin-off show…

  1. Hmmmmmm…

    FRIENDS Season 11

    Jack = Ross
    Ben = Joey
    Sawyer = Chandler
    Kate = Monica
    Juliet = Rachel
    Claire = Phoebe

    That would definitely make the evenings at Central Perk more… “interesting”! LOL

  2. haha Mulder and Scully investigate the island, I wish they would visit it now so they could tell us what’s going on! Mulder can give us the spiritual background on Smokey while Scully would explain that Smokey was the result of a scientific experiment gone wrong.

    Ben = Joey?! LOL! 😀

  3. I actually posted this back in March (see below) so I am with you France…

    Written 17th March

    Anyone up for a Sawyer/Miles spinoff cop show? Maybe a Miami Vice meets the Shield type drama. I always thought that Josh Holloway had a bit of a Don Johnson thing going on (from the 80’s that is)… My friends were all like , “I’d definitely watch that.” Anyway, only kidding of course, but I really enjoyed the whole buddy cop thing with Miles just like when they worked for Dharma and Sawyer was LeFleur.

  4. Fresnele – Great idea. But I’d like to see….

    Charlie = Joey
    Ben = Gunther

    Ben and Gunther are two of the creapiest personalities in the history of television.

  5. Hey lostonlongisland, sorry for hijacking your idea, I hadn’t read your post but I think a cop show with the two of them would be awesome! It would have it all, Sawyer could be the hard talking cop with the major chip on his shoulder and Miles could be his wise cracking sidekick.

    Come on guys, think about it, it could be like a modern day Starsky and Hutch! That could mean Walt could be Huggy Bear!

  6. france_xiii – I’m not sure Lost would be nearly as interesting as it is without the Sci-fi aspect of it. Sure, the characters are written well and there’s decent drama from time to time, but the mysteries are what kept people coming back.

    I’m picturing a show where only Sawyer and miles are in the spotlight for an hour every week, and I’m not sure I’d care to watch. UNLESS!!! There was some cool mysterious serial killer rampaging through L.A…like a series long villian (much like Smokey). I guess, with some polish, the show could take off.

  7. How about “The Others”…

    A show containing the lesser known, yet popular Others and some of the Dharma Initiative from Lost BEFORE they were taken or brought to the island…ok, that would probably be terrible…

    They could make just about anything at this point and put O’Quinn and Emerson in it together…and I would more than likely watch it religiously.

    I could also see some kind of mystery type show, going a complete different direction than Lost having Hurley and Miles talking to dead people…

  8. Chiefof16 – If your ICON is you, then being a guy you wouldn’t understand female Sawyer fans… I would probably watch a cop show with Sawyer staring at a wall in a police station for an hour.. hell.. put a cam on Josh Holloway and I’m there…lol. Seriously, the dynamics with Miles and him are fun.. Throw in Hurley as the undercover narc and you have the start of a great ensemble. I heard “Jin” is going to be in a series remake of Hawaii- 5-0 which I thought was cool…maybe Sawyer can be added to that cast… PS…Your CON is small, but it appears that you resemble Jacob a bit…hmmmm

  9. LMAO Chief, Gunther is definitely a better match for Ben…… I can totally picture Jennifer Aniston running away from him!

    As far as a serious spin-off, though, I don’t see the writers creating an actual story-like “drama” series from LOST. They said this is it, and I believe them.

    What I do see, though, is a series of “documentary” type productions where they go deeper into some of the more complex island mysteries, and actually EXPLAIN them. With all the rambling and stalling this season, it’s more than obvious that there are going to be lots of mysteries that will not get solved before the finale, and it would be unfair on fans to just leave them there, wide open… So I expect things in the lines of:

    “Egyptian Mythology in Lost”
    “Time-Travel and Timelines in Lost”
    “Electromagnetic Pockets in the Island”
    “The Real Story behind DHARMA”


    They owe us THAT at least!! (hey Darlton, if you’re reading this, chip me in in the credits for the idea! LOL)

  10. You know, me and my boyfriend recently broke up so I’ve been feeling a little down.. But i tell you what.. This page has actually brightened up my year! This is the funniest post I’ve read in a while!

    You guys are swell haha!

    Lostonlongisland – i would also quite happily watch Sawyer do nothing 🙂 Seems like the perfect hour to me! (Hence my name!)

    p.s. Ben as Gunther – perfect.

  11. When Kate Austen finds out she has been set up for the murder of her father by a mysterious Asian ONE ARMED MAN she escapes custody and goes on a trek across America to find the murderer and clear her name.

    She is chased by two obsessed LA cops who had her in custody, and a federal marshall named MARS intent on taking her in dead or alive.

    Unbeknown to then all, the one armed man is actually the father of one of the cops and a brilliant scientist intent on solving the problem of saving the human race from extinction.

    The series would have it all! Each episode would feature one of the Losties – In one episode Austen would get a job as a high school teacher, in another she would work in a hospital, in another do charity work for a well known rich benefactress who has a talented musician son.

    The Christmas special is set in Scotland where Austen, disguised as a man, infiltrates a monastery where they make wine in order to garner clues as to uranium smuggling to Iraq. There she is joined by an undercover spy team, an American named Inman and an ex-Iraqi Republican guard named Sayid and befriends a lovelorn monk named Desmond…

    Well, maybe not! 🙂

  12. Of course Austen has been exposed to massive doses of Electromagnetic and Atomic radiation so you wouldn’t want to get her angry, you don’t want to see her when she’s angry. She turns into a cloud of enraged black smoke and goes on a destructive rampage !

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