Desmond’s Mind Flashing(Remembery)

Ok so a posted a theory yesterday but i believe i was wrong in a sense and having rewatched the two Desmond episodes i have figured out something about Desmond and his flashes:

So in Season 3 Episode 8 where they show what happened to Desmond once he turned the failsafe key in the hatch and was exposed to electro-magnetic energy causing his flashes to begin.In this episode it is Desmonds future consciousness(to us his present mind) which travels back into his past body.As he is exploring through the past he remembers certain events and tries to change them but is ultimately convinced to follow the path he always has by Hawking,she manages to convince/thwart him not to change anything.Ultimately Desmond realises he should try and change things too late and is flashed backed to his future/present body after being hit by a bat.Now while his future consciousness occupied his past body,his future body was unconscious in the middle of the jungle.

Now when we see Desmond experience similar flashes in Season 4 Episode 5 things have been reversed.In this episode it is his past mind occupying his future self’s body and we know this because everytime it cuts from past(1996) to future(2004) it shows Desmond start to collapse and it cuts from future to past it shows Desmond waking up.His past body collapses because it has no conscious to control it,it is in Desmonds future body.

Now the other theory I wrote was a bit misinformed but still right on the major points and I apologise for making you read it now but it is worth it because it explains what is happening to Desmond.Below is my previous theory but without the things that were wrong:

Ok so i think I have figured out something that has bugged me throughout the whole series about Desmond and why he only remembers his past changing situations when he does and this is why:

I’m going to have two Desmonds in this theory;Desmond Future(DF) and Desmond Past(DP).

Now I will pick the scene where Hawking tells desmond that he must not marry Penny and travel to the island and push the button because this what has to happen. All this happens during Desmonds first bout with flashings in the jungle after the hatch implosion. DF flashes into his past in order to have this conversation with Hawking,now this happens in his past to his pastself DP but it wouldn’t make sense that he wouldn’t of always remembered,as in before he started to flash back in time he would of remembered that conversation and it would of come as no surprise but I think how we explain this is that as DP was having his talk with Hawking he was being controlled by DF’s consciousness so when this was happening DP’s consciousness was not functioning(for lack of a better word) so he couldn’t remember this ever happening to him because it happened to his body not his consciousness.

Also in The Constant(S4Ep5) Desmond is able to tell Faraday the codes he needs in Oxford in 1996 because this is during his second case of flashing where his past consciousness is in his future body,where future Faraday tells him the codes which past Faraday needs to complete his experiment.

So he is able to change the past because(this might sound confusing) his past mind was told in the future by future Faraday what past Faraday needed.He can do this because his past mind(from our point of view) is his present mind once he is back controlling his own body in 1996,so he is free to do or change what he wants with whatever future knowledge he has.

Sorry for the crazy structure of this but i was writing while thinking,let me know if this makes sense to anyone please.

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3 thoughts on “Desmond’s Mind Flashing(Remembery)

  1. i think i know what you mean, although i started to get confused when you started on DF and DP but now i have re-read it a couple of times, i think i understand it.
    if des has been hit by the electromagnatism this time, does this mean he can’t flash or does this mean that he can flash into the sideways/alternate whilst still being conscious in the real line?
    i actually think i don’t understand so i might come back to this later lol

  2. Yeah i haven’t got to the sideways flashing yet but i think what this shows is everytime Desmond has started to ‘Flash’ its completely different and the sideways flash is his third time flashing and shows him flashing to an alt universe rather than his previous time travelling to his past ansd future.

    And yeah sorry for it being a bit confusing i did this best i could to get accross my ideas!

  3. Very good. On your second point about his past conscious affecting his present body – seems to make sense except for one point –

    If Desmonds past conscious was flashing and was able to get the figures to Faraday due to his present body showing him, how would he not remember doing this? Because in that scene its his past conscious in his past body right?

    Just trying to fully understand 🙂

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