Richard knows more?

Ok im pretty certain this has been brought up before.. Actually, I have a feeling I’ve brought this up before.. anyway.

In season 5, Ben, Locke (yes im calling him locke now) and Richard are in the jungle. Locke tells Richard to tell a time-flashing John that he needs to die etc.. Richard then gives real John a compass saying next time you see me i wont recognise you. How did Richard know this? Locke didnt tell him to do it.. Maybe he remembered meeting him in the 50’s but how would Richard know which time to give it to real John.  It all seems a bit strange..

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5 thoughts on “Richard knows more?

  1. Maybe Jacob asked Richard to give the compass to Rlocke. At the same time, Richard was just playing stupid to Flocke.

    So yeah, maybe Richard does know a lot more than we thought. I forgot all about that scene. You’d think it would be an important scene, but then again, there’s about 5 scenes an episode you think are going to be important, and haven’t been. Ho hum….

  2. But, where’s Richard now … Just keep thinkin’ about him and Ben sitting on a log in the jungle where it rains only on them – then one looks up and says, “Think they’re coming back?”

  3. In season three there are scenes where Ben seems to know about Jacob and Locke tells the camp he’s taking me to see Jacob but Richard would know that he doesn’t know him, this is either a show-error or a “rule” that the adviser does’nt interupt the leader. Thoughts?

  4. Richard remembers meeting John in 1950, which is his past and Johns future. John tells him there that he ordered him to give it to his past self…which wont recognize John. He knows this because he remembers not recognizing him.

    John then tells Richard who he is in 1950, where Richard acquires the compass from him, and now knows John Locke.

  5. Because he knows he wont recognize him, he tells this to John so that he doesnt get himself killed by the others. Richard already knows what happens. He knows about Widmore wanting to kill John in 1950, and he knows that John will have to tell him the things he does in order for his past self to believe him.

    By him telling John that he wont recognize him, this is his way of warning John.

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