What about SETH?

Going along with the recent talk about adam and eve and the garden of eden and cain and abel….

MIB, Jacob, and the “Jungle Boy”.
Cain, Seth, and Abel.
The THREE named sons of Adam and Eve.

Cain murders Abel. Adam and Eve are sad. Eve might even be so sad she goes crazy, just like Claire, like Rousseau over losing their children on the island. Eve gives birth to a 3rd son, Seth, who resembles Abel and is thought of as taking his place.

Abel is the “Jungle Boy” – he resembles his younger brother, Seth aka Jacob. One white stone, one black stone, two players in a battle for good and evil, one murdered brother to keep “the game” in check and haunt his oldest brother/murderer when he breaks “the rules”.

Forgive me if this is stupid or doesn’t make sense or has already been posted. I’m high.

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I'm female, 28, a musician who plays a white ukulele and a black guitar, and I'm a fraternal twin. I have a fondness for tropical islands and wondering what's across the sea. Unlike the MIB - I've left home, many times, and concur with the Beach Boys that the cutest girls in the world are indeed housed in the United States (of Elizabeth Mitchell).

5 thoughts on “What about SETH?

  1. I remember reading somewhere that MIB’s name in the script or something for “The Incident” was Seth. And what a coincidence, I’m high too, so I understood your line of thinking 🙂

  2. and cain was a farmer and abel was a “shephard”

    could the island be eden with MIB being all the bad things that are unleashed to the world if someone eats the apple…..

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