Vincent (108)

We all know that Vincent survived the time-flashes on the island, ending up with Bernard and Rose. Bernard and Rose were seemingly “retired”, settled into a newer, calmer life together. Vincent hanging around with the two geriatrics proves that he had also given up. But what was Vincent looking for that he couldn’t find?

Remember the Pilot episode, when Jack, Kate, and Charlie went out to find the fuselage? Vincent followed them out there and we saw him sitting in a nearby bush. What did Jack’s group end up running into? The Monster. They were surprised and terrified, but Vincent knew what was happening and that’s why he followed them. The Monster never caught up with the group as they ran because it stopped to talk to Vincent. What was the nature of this conversation? I think we’ll find out in Vincent’s flash-sideways, as it’s been rumored on spoiler sites that Vincent will be the centric character for the 2-hour finale.

Why would Vincent want to talk with Nemesis? Why would Nemesis want to talk with Vincent? Remember that later on (Season 5), Vincent flashes through time with the rest of the group. During one of the final flashes, the time-travelers end up in ancient times as Sawyer and the others can see the Statue of Tawaret still standing in the distance. They’re only in that time for a matter of minutes, but it’s just enough time for Vincent to dry-hump some old Egyptian wild jungle dog. After he’s through, Vincent flashes through time again and the jungle dog is left fealing jilted by yet another selfish male horndog. As a result, she decides to change her name to something more masculine-sounding, to convince the locals that she is tougher than she looks. She chooses the name.. Wallace!

How is all this relevant??

Nemesis (as Flocke) tells Kate that his mother was crazy. Would it be a stretch to think that Nemesis thinks of his mother as “a bitch”? And isn’t a “bitch” another word for a female dog? A female dog like the one Vincent has been looking for ever since he came to the island? The finale will reveal that Nemesis and Jacob are two sons-of-bitches, their mother being Wallace the Dog, Vincent’s long-lost lover in time.

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Started watching Lost in September 2009; finished Seasons 1-5 in 20 days.. my wife was not thrilled during this time. I am a believer in John Locke and that he may somehow still play a key (and good) role on the island.

5 thoughts on “Vincent (108)

  1. Man, this is a real thinker. I applaud your efforts Inquisitor, as I think you’ve figured it all out.

    I was too hesitant to bring this up before (’cause it’s a little crazy sounding), but there was a scene in season two where Vincent barks at Shannon. It sounds like a standard “woof” until you play it backwards and slow it down a lot.

    If you listen closely, you can hear this…..”Hey Shannon, just so you know, that smoke monster’s mom’s a real bitch. She went by the name of “Wallace” before she was eaten by Egyptian wild jungle polar bears.”

    In other words Inquisitor, I think you’re on to something.

  2. good post, I heard that the writers are taking the extra week to interview for the voice of Vincent. It is down to Brian from Family Guy and Scrappy Doo.

  3. Well to be honest Inquisitor, after lots of episodes of crap, a Vincent centered episode would be quite interesting. better than what Kate did, Recon, Sundown, the last recruit, everybody loves hugo, lighthouse and the package.

    I honestly would not be pissed if the finale was about Vincent, thats how bad this season has been.

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