Has Jack been infected?

Sayid and Claire both seem to have got infected in situations in which they appear to have died. I think it began for Claire at the blast in DharmaVille.

Did the blasts on the beach kill Jack? his eyes kind of opened like he had been reborn. Then Lockes sinister message ‘you’re with me now’ kind of suggested Jack had been infected with the darkness.

I think that Widmore was uncertain of the candidates motives and thats why he ordered them to be held at gun point. I think he bombed the beach because the majority of the candidates were out of harms way and as such he could kill anyone in allegience with Locke so he doesnt have an army.

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5 thoughts on “Has Jack been infected?

  1. Hmm i was thinking maybe he died but when he gets ‘blown up’ it shows the end-blast through his eyes, which are still open and active..
    So im figuring he actually is alive but because Locke saved him hes gonna be on team-locke?
    Or maybe Locke is assuming Jack is with him because he jumped off the boat to come back to him?

  2. Yeah, I think with Jack being slightly disorientated from the blast Locke may well take advantage of this and try and fill Jacks head full of nonsense.

    where do you think its all leading?

  3. i reckon by the title of the episode (the last recruit) and the fact that MIB said “you’re with me now”, i think that we are meant to believe that Jack has died, or gone close to dying.

    personally i dont think that he has. the entire series has virtually been building to a Jack vs. Locke stand off so it will be interestin to see what happens!!!

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