Locke’s escape a little more complex than it seems? *POTENTIAL SPOILER*

So I was watching the official Lost podcast not 5 minutes ago, and it was a behind the scenes episode with one of the executive producers, who was giving a tour of the set. At one point there lies a lot of props which have been used so far this season. Them and the Donkey Wheel. This leads to believe that they will use this at least once more this season. The most obvious thought brought to mind is that MIB would use it to grant himself a no-strings-attached escape from the island. But, if you remember back to mid-Season 5 when Christian appears and aids Locke, you’ll notice that he didn’t join Locke. My question: Why can’t MIB use the donkey wheel?

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4 thoughts on “Locke’s escape a little more complex than it seems? *POTENTIAL SPOILER*

  1. Cause it WAS Christian! Flocke lied when he claimed to have always pretended to be Christian. Flocke cannot leave the island, full stop! So it was not him when Christian was on the freighter or at the hospital when Jack saw him.

  2. Actually, Flocke only said he was pretending to be Christian, when jack saw him in ‘White Rabbit’. Remember this is Lost, where technicalities and semantics reign supreme. I think that it was indeed the smoke monster that told Michael, ‘You can go now’. I will take it a step further and say that the people who make up the whispers are on Flocke’s side because they too are trapped and not able to move on. I think that Flocke/Smokey has the ability of astral projection. As for in the hospital, when Jack sees him, it was a delusion, just like when he gets confronted about being drunk and says, ‘get my father down here, and if I am more drunk than he is, then fire me (at this point Christian was long dead)’. I think the fire alarm was a red herring. What should bother you more is when Jack asks Flocke what he is and yet AGAIN we hear someone tell Jack, you know, as if they are just waiting on him to REMEMBER something.

  3. Yeah, I was sure he was lying too. And maybe Flocke cant use the FDW because of the fact that he isnt really flesh and blood in the way that we are. He is using Locke’s body as a form, but isnt really IN Locke’s body.

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