Jacob is Not all good…

The Back and White colours are clearly a clue in the show.
Why is it that when he told ilana to help him he wore completely Black!
Why was his plan for her to explode before helping the candidates????
Why did ilana go to the cabin to look for Jacob? He lives at the statue doesn’t he?
I wonder……..if Jacob is not bad, has MIB pretended or took Jacobs form and pretended to be him???
Either way Jacob is not as ‘White’ as we are supposed to believe

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One thought on “Jacob is Not all good…

  1. I was wondering this too – but wouldn’t Ilana simply be afraid of Jacob? Or are you saying she simply doesn’t know that Jacob is actually the smoke monster.

    Another question, why is she bandaged up and starts to cry when he sees her? There’s some missing pieces there. Not sure why he was in black either or why he spoke russian initially.

    I do wonder why she immediately went to the Cabin to look for Jacob when he lived in the foot of the statue – but he could also have 2 spots that he stayed at. I’m not counting this out BUT remember when Ben and Locke went to see Jacob?

    John got a glimpse of somebody sitting in the rocking chair who we do not know yet. This could very well be the real Jacob OR Jacob’s brother trapped within the Cabin.

    Ilana’s exploding sparked Hurley’s interest in becoming the leader for a change. This allowed him to take them to Flocke – which might just be part of Jacob’s plan.

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