Perception of good and evil

Jacob good? Jacob Evil? What is my perception of good and evil?

I think there is more to this than what we base our perceptions of good and evil on. “We are the good guys” is claimed by Ben. Yet, Ben has murdered and manipulated in ways that are certainly not ‘good’.

I think that the difference between white and black, good and evil lies in natural order. Eg. The natural flow of time, that whatever happens happens.

Altering the past / future is not good. By changing fate, we change the outcomes of natural order.

Jacob mentions the island is the cork in the bottle. Yet the cork is holding in the properties that the island has, which in turn defy natural order. Whether the product of the island’s magnetic properties or something else, the very existence of the island defies natural law. Is this evil? Is Jacob protecting the world from the island? From the opportunities to corrupt the timeline that it provides?

Jacob’s resolution is to let people decide outcomes for themselves. Good?

MIB wants to escape the island, he does not care that if he leaves, horrible things will happen. In turn he is evil due to his choices to manipulate others into changing the timeline. MIB seems intent on pushing people into certain choices, that create chaos and wrongness. Evil?

This leads me to questions about MIB. Is he really the ultimate evil that the island is keeping imprisoned? Although MIB has certainly done his fair share of manipulation in order to change things around, I don’t believe it is the MIB that is being trapped. This is more of a side effect of keeping the island isolated. Yet he has the ability to unleash chaos if he leaves.

Finally, I had this very strange idea that MIB is actually John Locke. Why? Because he tells everyone he is, he behaves like Locke in certain ways, Desmond addresses him as John Locke, Illana says he is stuck like that, John drew the smoke monster when he was young. What if at the endgame, FST John goes willingly into the OT past as a self sacrifice to become MIB? A few thousand years on the island eventually wears him down and he goes loopy, wants to leave, even knowing that if he does, something terrible is going to happen.

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One thought on “Perception of good and evil

  1. i like the idea of flocke being john locke. he always brings up how stupid john was to believe he was special and meant to be on the island, as if he made this very mistake himself. and maybe after many iterations or some kind of enlightenment he has come to the conclusion that he is just stuck in some horrible loop because of jacob, just like everyone else, and he wants everyone else to know too, and help them get out. i mean locke was pretty tormented in his former life in order to get him to the island. i have been thinking about writing something bigger about this but would love to hear other speculations on the matter.

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