Catch 23?

Jacob seems to make a lot of promises to the Losties that have since gone unfulfilled….or have they? Ok, so Richard has asked to live forever, and that seems to be going really well for him, doesn’t it?? But apart from that, we saw Sayid being told he could be reunited with the woman he loves. What if Jacob grants him this wish, but not on original timeline, only in ATL? A friend of mine has speculated that maybe it is not Nadia that Sayid is wishing for but Shannon, who is surely due to make an appearance soon? Could this appearance be in the shape of love with Sayid in the ATL?

Dogen also made a bargain with Jacob, and we see that he is with his son, who is alive and well, in the ATL. Perhaps Desmond has made a similar deal with Jacob and thus accepted his on-island fate now that he knows he can be happy with Penny in the ATL.


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9 thoughts on “Catch 23?

  1. Oh, I didn’t realize you also posted this post. I thought there were multiple people saying that Jacob spoke to Sayid, which worried me. No problem though.

    I see what you’re saying. It sounds good to me. If Widmore, Des, and Flocke all know about the alt. timeline, I wish one of them would bring it up to everyone else. There should be a solid discussion about it’s purpose before the show goes too much further.

  2. Chief, I foresee that Hurley will explain the ATL to us with “wait, I think I know what it is – it’s a separate reality where everyone is happy, right?” and Desmond will answer “yes” and that will be it.

  3. Then Hurley will go on with “wait, I think I know what the Island it – it’s like a cork in a bottle stopping Him from leaving, right?” and Richard and Jacob will answer “yes” in chorus and that will be it.

  4. ilie, yes the hurley/whispers explanation was a bit pathetic, i agree but i dont think that has been the most cringeworthy bit of the season.

    in the last recruit, sawyer tells jack to run away with his friends without Flocke knowing. the next minute while walking through the jungle flocke amazingly needs to go somewhere leaving everyone alone and then Jack and co are able to run off!! i mean how lucky was it that Flocke needed to leave everyone for a short time eh? That was just sooo pathetic i can’t bear to think about it.

    (sorry CantonRainier for going off topic)

  5. I really doubt that happens. The actress who played Shannon has denied requests to return to the show because she is too busy making movies. Otherwise they wouldnt have had to make that lame excuse in LA X when Boone was all “Uh ya i went to get my sis out of a relationship she didnt want out of”

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