Jack – “The Island isn’t done with us yet.”

This quote was first associated with John Locke. However when Jack says this to Sawyer on the boat, I think Jack is acting out exactly as Jacob planned him to.

The reason why I say this is due to the quote above. MIB seems desperate to get off the island and wants all the candidates to go with him. However I think Jack is realising that MIB is full of empty promises and is only interested in seeking his own agenda.

MIB insisted on telling Jack that John Locke was a sucker for thinking the island was special, yet recently Jack’s attitude towards the island is very similiar to Locke’s attitude when they first arrived to the island. Jack is realising that MIB is trying to persuade Jack that the island is nothing and leaving would let Jack return to his normal life.

On the other hand Jack has already left the island and his normal life never resumed he was given constant reminders of the island which led to alcohol abuse and eventually returning to the island to fulfill his destiny.

So basically the bad news for MIB is Jack aint leaving the island until he believes he has done what the island requires him to do. What that requirement is remains to be seen.

If Jack doesnt leave then MIB cant leave because he needs all candidates with him in order to leave. Although Jack is with MIB, Jack does not trust him. I believe strongly that Jack will not leave the island unless his purpose has been fulfilled so all of MIB’s sweet talk will not work.

In addition if MIB cant leave Jacob has his wish. So in my opinion I believe Jack is paramount to Jacob’s plans to keep MIB on the island. Jacob decided to guide Hurley and Jack to the lighthouse.
Hurley was their as the translator for Jacob. Jacob even commented that Hurley and Jack had to be as far away from the temple as posiible due to their importance.

Jack won’t leave + MIB can’t leave = Jacob’s Wish.

Any comments are more than welcome.

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4 thoughts on “Jack – “The Island isn’t done with us yet.”

  1. Definitley.

    In addition, I do not believe MIB actually wants to leave the island.

    He says “smokie” can not moe across water. But as Locke’s body, he travels in a boat to the other island.

    A plane would allow him a similiar vessel to get off the island. However, in millions of years he has not been able to get off the island? all these submarines coming and going, boats, planes.

    In a MILLION years or whatever crazy time period, this all powerful being, that is so caniving and smart has not been able to leave?


    Yes, I understand Jacob was stopping him leaving, but it seems strange it took so long.

    I believe he wants all the people on the plane because he wants to kill them all.

    This shows why hurley totally did a che guevara on the plan of blowing up the plane!!! He really did not want that plane blown up. Because they would have all died.

    Smokie/Flocke can not kill these candidates. That is clear. So imagine having to influence so many other people to kill so many other candidates (the losties). Its too much to ask. Why not get them all in one place, and ask Sayid to do them all at once. Seems more efficient no? Then all the numbers will be gone once and for all.

  2. I agree, I think Smokie just wants all the candidates dead but he can’t kill them himself, but if he gets them all on a plane and richard blows it up then that would do it (this is why he saved Jack and Sawyer, for some reason he needs them to all die together) Maybe if one dies then there is time for a replacement but if they all die at the same time then he would have time to “leave” – which could involve just going back in time to his body or something even more sinister like infecting the world and spreading like a disease…who knows..

  3. With Nacho. He needs them all to BE together … dead. That’s what he did w/all the other ‘candidates’ Jacob brought (before Alpert). It always ended the same.

    Richard allowed for just enough manipulation for groups to form … groups MIB manipulated to fear and destroy each other (no pun intended).

    I’m with you that Jack just ain’t goin’ along with the program, though. And that, my friend, may just be progress.

  4. So it seems he did want to kill them after all!!

    But the next question is, how does killing them help smokie get off the island?

    Jacob says they need to keep him trapped there (bottle scene).

    So the natural step would be that by killing them = no replacement for Jacob = no dude to trap smokie on the island = smokie free.

    But surely that just means he can roam the island free as he cant travel across water??

    How does he get off the island??? This must tie in to the island time travel etc but ant figure it as we need more info.

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