Jacob’s Touch

So, I think I have a theory on Jacob’s magic touch… Here goes…

We saw in Ab Aeterno, that Jacob’s touch gave Richard his gift when he asked for it…. I believe Jacob gave our six friends a gift w/out them asking for it w/ his touch, as well…

1. Jack = Success as a surgeon…

2. Kate = Success at escaping the law…

3. Sawyer = His Revenge

4. Saiyd = (I’m not sure about this one… I think we may find out tonight..)

5. Sun & Jin = True Love

6. Hurley = Belief in his gifts

7. John Locke = Life

So that’s my simple thoughts…

Sorry, I haven’t been around much. I’m still trying to catch up all the theories..

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4 thoughts on “Jacob’s Touch

  1. So simple – but so clever. Good thoughts! …but Jacob doesn’t like to intervene – so…I suppose he gave those gifts only to somehow keep MIB on the island?

  2. This is a neat idea. It seems like the gifts are realized to the fullest once they reach the island, too. In Hurley’s case, it’s when he comes BACK to the island. In Sayid’s case, it may be that he was finally reunited with Nadia, sadly.

  3. Sayid’s gift was his sins…. If he didn’t kill the temple folk & team up w/ MIB he wouldn’t have found redemption, and all the candidates would be dead…

    I agree, I think all the gifts will be used to assist the fight against MIB, & keep him on the island.

  4. This theory makes perfect sense. If Jacob is looking for a candidate to replace him then he would try to have people of completely different backgrounds and different talents and watch them and from watching and testing their survival skills, he would have picked the worthy candidate.

    Great theory and now a few more pieces of the LOST puzzle have been solved in my head.

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