Lost in My Own Misery

There’s only been a few times I shed tears for Lost; Sawyer telling Jack about his conversation with Christian in S1, Rose and Bernard finding each other in S2, Sun crying out for Jin as he “dies” on the freighter in S4, and Sawyer dropping Juliet in S5. Tonight was another one of those moments, seeing Jin and Sun drown together aboard Widmore’s sub. Bittersweet that Jin stayed with Sun no matter what, but I’m left feeling very sad about their deaths. I hope Jack finds some crazy-ass way to “smoke” Flocke.

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Started watching Lost in September 2009; finished Seasons 1-5 in 20 days.. my wife was not thrilled during this time. I am a believer in John Locke and that he may somehow still play a key (and good) role on the island.

14 thoughts on “Lost in My Own Misery

  1. The only other times I cried were for Charlies death, Hurley losing Libby, Sawyer on the dock throwing the ring in, and Desmond and Penny talking on the phone… Those tears were nothing as compared to how much I was bawling tonight… My entire family laughed at me which didn’t make the emotional situation better… I’m so sad and mad… I don’t know what to do with myself now…

  2. this was easily one of the most powerful episodes in the whole series. Props to the writers for a spectacular show of skill tonight. I was hoping tonight wasn’t going to be an ordinary filler since next weeks episode is supposedly going to be huge. I was not disapointed

  3. It was too Titanic for my taste. But – at least they’re finally dead. Totally useless characters. Wow – I sound so – cruel!

  4. I was doing ok until Hurley started bawling at the end and then I was getting a bit teary.
    I wasn’t all that happy with the way they axed Sayid. He was all heroic and whatnot, but Sun and Jin’s hands slipping apart underwater overshadowed poor old Sayid.

    It’s looking like Sawyer and Jack are gonna team up and whoop some ass now. Hopefully.

    And so nothing happens when MIB goes in water??

  5. I expected and was prepared for main characters to die but I wasn’t prepared for four characters in one fell swoop. Sayid I was expecting to die and I am glad that he was able to redeem himself some what. But I was in no way expecting Jin and Sun to die, at least not in this way.

  6. One more thing since DrMrWizard raises the question. Perhaps we have yet to see the effects of Smokey getting dunked. Maybe getting dunked will lock him in Locke form.

  7. @Achalli lol Jack baptized him.

    I was watching with my buddy as I always do, and we were both clearing our throats and trying not to look at each other for a few minutes when they showed their hands slipping away. Apparently it’s bad form for guys to cry when they’re alone together 😀

  8. @HansoHattori, I totally agree. I can’t cry when I’m with my guy friends like that. I remember going to see “What Dreams May Come” in the theatre with my friend and we actually walked out because we both started to cry; rather miss the movie entirely than see each other like that.

  9. I agree xmas747. Jin is lame for not thinking about his daughter. Another reason why both Jin and Sun were pointless characters.

  10. I do not remember what season it was, but I remember tearing up during the episode when everyone was pushing Hurley away and telling him to get lost, then at the end he came crashing through the woods in the old VW van and saved the day. That was great.

  11. xmas747 and ScrollLocke, I also have difficulty to accept that Jin and Sun didn’t think of their daughter when Jin decided to die together with Sun.

  12. Ji Yeon is just an idea, a picture to Jin at that moment. The immediacy of watching Sun drown would be more powerful than his father instincts I would think. It might be different if he had spent three years singing his daughter to sleep. Notice the writers avoided having Sun remind him of their kid.

  13. Wow, just wow.

    That episode was the biggest rollercoaster yet, i was on the edge of my seat and i gotta admit, i got teary eyed when Jin and Sun died, very sad.
    I’m now convinced that the flash sideways has to be the happy ending, where MIB and the island is done for good and the cycle is broken.

    R.I.P Sun and Jin (sob)

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