The Alt Is The “Real” World

I’ve been talking about this in some of my comments but I thought it would make a good theory. I believe that the Alt we are seeing is the Real World. Smokie is trying to the leave The Island to reenter the Real World which will lead to the destruction of everything we know and love. The Island is the cork protecting the Real World from this evil being. This is why Widmore says “I didn’t murder them” when Sawyer asks why he killed the Ajira passengers. Widmore knows they exist in the Real World and on the Island they are not in their “real” existences. This is how people can do seemingly evil things on the Island but not be marked as tipping towards the dark side (Ben for example). Some people’s consciousnesses can flow between both like Desmond (Hawking’s, Widmore, etc) and can understand the whole picture.

This is why Smokie knew some of them survived because he was still on the Island and not in the Alt aka the Real World.

what do you guys think?

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6 thoughts on “The Alt Is The “Real” World

  1. I thought the same thing, in part due to the ‘expanded’ episodes consistantly stating SLU was ‘if the plane never crashed’ – which means all those things … David being alive, etc. … were their lives *before* the plane crashed and things they did while on the island resulted in the differences.

    But, it doesn’t answer why Jack didn’t remember his appendectomy and it’s apparently been said the expandeds aren’t cannon.

    Also – “It’s you, Jack,” implies he’s ‘the Candidate’.

    But, if you’re right about those last losties … I’ll repeat the mantra my family used last night …

    Let the killing begin!

  2. I mostly agree but like waycurious said i think that there are still a few flaws, or there is something we are not getting, there has to be a key thing that will connect it all

  3. I just can’t see how a merger between the 2 can happen, I think it would be too complex to do this late in the show (but I also don’t understand how my refrigerator works..) It’s much easier for my simple brain to understand the Alt as “Real” and the Island a battleground or gameboard or hub or cork that keeps the evil busy and from entering the “real” world.

  4. i dont think i like this as an explanation but it would be interesting to see what happens to them in the alt when they die on the island. like with sun and jin and syid. some of the minor characters that had died on the island were still alive in the alt(but i think thats just cuz the writers put them in the alt for shock value), so i wonder if the main characters dying on the island will affect their lives in the alt.

  5. Dying on the Island does nothing to your life in Alt, you are still alive in Alt which is the Real World/Timeline. If you die in Alt, You’re Dead! We will see Jack stay on the Island to protect the Real World/Timeline (I wonder what will happen to jack in Alt by him choosing to stay on the Island??) All the others will die but will still be alive in Alt living their Real lives until they die there (this is the bittersweet ending, they are dead but still alive but don’t remember all their friends and other things that happened in their lives and they won’t remember Jack’s sacrifice – except in flashes) All the other stuff we saw happen to them did happen to them, but the bomb altered the timeline and only the Island versions of themselves remember those other events in their lives that were wiped out by Jughead.

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