With All the Death, Who’s Left?

Just wanted to jot down a short list of who’s left, to figure in to any theories:

Jack has Sawyer, Hugo, & Kate with him on the beach (not sure which island; presumably Hydra)
Nemesis has Claire with him.
Richard has Ben and Miles with him.
Desmond is still in the well.
Widmore is presumably alive and probably with Zoe.
Frank may/may not be alive.

Jack, Sawyer, Hugo, Nemesis, Desmond, Kate, Claire, Widmore, Zoe, Richard, Ben, Miles, and an unknown number of remaining Others, who ran off into the jungle on the main island after Widmore’s mortar attack.

I’m also still thinking that Widmore is ultimately against Nemesis, since his bringing Desmond to the island clearly threatened Nemesis. In simple terms, with the people who remain alive, it’s Nemesis (with Claire, perhaps) against everyone else.

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Started watching Lost in September 2009; finished Seasons 1-5 in 20 days.. my wife was not thrilled during this time. I am a believer in John Locke and that he may somehow still play a key (and good) role on the island.

15 thoughts on “With All the Death, Who’s Left?

  1. Yeah, Rose & Bernard should still be in their hut; although, they flashed back to 2007 with Sawyer, Jack and the rest, so their hut is probly not there anymore. Maybe they built a new one 🙂

  2. What will happen to the Others who ran off into the jungle to avoid the missiles or whatever from Widmore’s people? Will Smokey try to gather them again somehow and/or kill them? Because it seems that he needs everyone dead or “with him”, right? What was otherwise the point in killing everyone at the Temple?

  3. – What is it?
    – It’s a TV show. Let me guess: you’re wondering how strange it is?
    – Hehe, you read my mind.
    – Do you have any idea how strange it is?
    – Very strange!
    – Hehe, that’s exactly right – very strange!

  4. The mortar attack was an expedient way of getting rid of a lot of cumbersome and costly extras and day players. The socks are gone, long live the socks!

  5. Frank is deadarooni, no one dragged him out of the sub.

    Desmond isnt in the well anymore I dont believe, I think Sayid let him free. If he didnt want to kill him then he had to know just leaving him there was just as good as letting him die.

    Im seriously shocked we havent heard from Alpert/Miles/Ben in all this time. They seemed gung-ho on stopping Smokey from getting on that plane, so why havent we seen them? Next week is the Smokey/Jacob episode, so I guess we will see them in What They Died for in 2 weeks

  6. Desmond is still in the well because sayid said to jack ” about a half a mile from our camp is a well desmond is inside you will need him” therefore desmond is going to play a major part in the destruction on MIB.

  7. Andre7, I love Frank’s comments – like when he was shown Locke’s dead body and all he had to say whas “Terrific!” 😀

  8. Miles/Ben/Alpert are just sitting on a log kicking dirt around asking, “So, when do you think they’ll be back?”

    Frank’s dead. Not even sure he made it to Sidewaysville. All ‘others’ dead (if Stewardess Cindy wasn’t on plane I’d think it important.)

    Desmond is down the hole.

    If I were MIB, Widmore’s dead, too.

    Wonder if Hurley still has that ash.

  9. Ben! i completely forgot about Ben! where the heck have those guys been?

    Frank was the most useless character in the show! he seriously did NOTHING the entire time he was on except crash the ajira flight

    When will Kate die?!!! When!!! hope she bleeds to death

    Sun and Jin = Titanic the sequal!

    Rose and Bernard are for sure still around, they’ll end up being the Adam and Eve in the caves

    this is a little random, but it just came to me since someone said Frank didnt make it to sidesville. we havent seen Juliet in sidesville either, is this because side ways was created when she died from the bomb? i’m still thinking she’s gana end up being Jack’s wife in the sideways but i donnoooooooo

  10. I think Juliette will be the doctor who delivers A-aron and and she and Sawyer will be reunited, being his ‘one true love’ and all. This’ll probably give him those island memories (though the only ‘I love her so much I remember the island’ memories seem to be from people who the women didn’t even notice in Sidewaysville … Charlie & Daniel. Except Des, of course, but he’s unique.)

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