Bath Time For ol’ Lockey

First off, what an episode! Now that is what I am talking about! Sayid had his Anakin Skywalker redemption moment, Jin and Sun had their touching I’ll never leave you moment, which reminding me of a moment in Titanic, but none the less, touching it was. But the big question from last nights episode for me was why didn’t anything happen when Jack push Locke into the water? This reminding me of the scene with Sayid and the knife. He stabs Locke rightin his heart and for a moment we’re all like whoa, but then nothing happens. Very anticlimatic, no? Same things happens last night. We know Locke cannot go into or over the water but why? Here is what I think. Last night when Locke fell into the water he was baptised. Just like Richard was baptised by Jacob and Aaron by Charlie. The water was never meant to harm Locke, it’s the equivalent of a vampire in a church. It’s holy. Last night I think we may have seen the end of the smoke monster. Now that Locke had his holy bath I think he can no longer take that evil form. It is contained. The way I see it, at the end of last nights episode Locke stomps off saying he is going to finish what he started. As the smoke monster he could destroy our Losties in a matter of seconds and honestly where is the fun in that. We have only a few episodes left and this needs to be drawn out, never a problem for LOST. Now that Locke can no longer assume his dark cloud form he has to stalk and kill the Losties the old fashion way. Maybe the water made him mortal. Maybe now he can die. Where the Hell is that knife? It’s all about the water. Can’t wait to see next weeks origin story. I’ve been waiting for this one for a LONG time.

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I love LOST....I love lamp...I love chair...but seriously, I think the reason I enjoy this shows, on OH so many levels, is because it is one of the few shows on tv that reallys make you think. There aren't too many shows like that left on tv anymore and sadly we will soon lose another. I'm a philosophically-minded person by nature, always questioning the why's and how's of any given situation. I love the idea of a good paradox and the irony of destiny. I also adore comics books. Can't get enough of them. Since I was 11 they have been my drug of choice. I love overdoesing on old issues of Frank Miller's Dark Knight or Bendis's Ultimate Spiderman. Did I mention Star Wars? I can't say enough how much I love that galaxy far far away. Fanboy says it best. Yes folks, I am a nerd to the nth degree, a dweeb of Chewbaccian proportions...AND I LOVE CHAIR!!!...I mean LOST...

6 thoughts on “Bath Time For ol’ Lockey

  1. Yeahh i was expecting something to happen when he was thrown in the water but nopeee.. just looked mega pissed lol.

    But if memory serves me right, im pretty sure in the beginning of season 5 he is standing with his feet in the sea eating a mango? I think that might be a pretty important moment

  2. yep, he was standing in the ocean after Ajira crashed, water’s cool, I think he can’t turn to smoke in water probably…

    I really liked how he had his Quantum Leap moment after the sub exploded. he knew they weren’t all dead because he was still there!

  3. I’m thinking the writers finally wanted to answer all the speculation of the power of water over him..and it seemed like it didn’t bother him one bit!

    Although, 2 thoughts I have on this:
    -maybe water is harmless to him when he’s in human-Locke form, but paralyzes him in Smokey form
    -I’ve got to see the scene again, but if Flocke is coming up gasping for air, maybe Smokey’s got a weakness when he’s in human form; he can die drowning..

  4. I recently posted a reply on another thread – MIB’s powers
    explaining my take on the whole Nemesis water thing – I think I actually might be on to something, holler at me

  5. @AngiveL
    I just read your reply..good stuff..2 good points you made:
    -When Locke “realized” everybody wasn’t dead, perhaps he thinks everybody on sub is dead, but only Des is still he’s heading to well, maybe surprise meeting with Jack+crew
    -maybe just being wet is enough to hold back his smokey powers

  6. i found it odd too that he just got up like, oh i just fell in water whatevz. i was expecting something to happen to him, maybe his flesh start melting off like in a really bad horror movie, but nope nothing he just got out all cool

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