History Will Repeat Itself…

Written 7th May

How It Will End (Final Scene)

Ok, so bear with me here….Towards the end of the finale, Jack will destroy the man in black, and Sawyer. Cut to black. Jack wakes up in the Jungle, exactly like in the pilot. But when he runs out to the beach, it’s not 815. It’s some other plane, or boat or something. Jack watches from a distance as everyone scrambles to survive. As he watches, Sawyer will come over, and they’ll talk a bit. The entire thing is just a cycle, and will start all over again once the candidates are chosen.

-I have no idea how the Flash-Sideways universe fits into all of this…

-Sorry if its a dumb idea, i just felt like putting something on here…

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9 thoughts on “History Will Repeat Itself…

  1. Its been said that there will be no way to have any further storyline after the final episode takes place. Id think there would still be a good story to be had if Jack and Sawyer battled each other still after the finale.

  2. I almost agree with this.. I think Jack wakes up in the jungle like the pilot.. runs to the wreckage and everything repeats itself (with them having no memory of it ever happening)


    it plays out like the pilot episode except its some other guy opening his eyes, running to the wreckage etc. and their story plays out exactly the same.. So same scene, different people.

    Im the loop believer 😉

  3. greatforsaken is correct. Your scenario would lend itself to further storytelling. Darlton promised THE END. In other words, no room for further storytelling. Unless Darlton lied right to our faces during one of the recent podcasts, then I can’t see this happening.
    However, for those loopsters out there, god love you all, maybe the flashsideways is the next iteration of the loop.

  4. Not a bad idea but Jack and Sawyer is not the right pair, in my estimation. Jack and Locke have always been the polar opposites. The faith and reason/science, the black and white; it’s always been Jack and Locke. Your guess is not what mine would be for the finale, but if you are right, it will be Jack and Locke, not Sawyer.

  5. Although Sawyer’s “let’s get the hell off this damn island” attitude is strikingly similar to what Flocke’s sentiments are.

  6. If the end is the end – then everyone dies…at least in the main timeline. Right? Otherwise the story goes on forever – like a circle, like the original title to the show, like the friggin’ Elton John song.

    Jack can choose to not become the “new Jacob” – this might end up having something to do with either Kate or potentially his ALT son.

    I have no idea. I just want the end to be the end and I’ll cry for days and then pretend to move on.

  7. I feel like The End won’t be a flash back or loop to the pilot episode. I think The End will be stopping MIB or keeping him trapped (or changing his mind about humanity). I agree everyone will have to die on the Island (Jack will live if he needs to stay on as Jacob replacement), but they will all live on in the Real World which is the flash-sideways we are seeing. This Alt is the stakes, what they are fighting for (and dying for on the Island).

  8. After last week – Sawyer not trusting Jack… and then Jack saving his life… I believe Sawyer will now live and die to the end behind Jack. That’s a given to me. Sawyer has that gruff, bad boy side to him but he has a big heart to – he’s shown it throughout… Jack saved his life, as Sawyer always says, “I owe you one”.

    I also believe that last week showed that the leadership roll has passed hands again – Jack’s calling the shots now. This time though he knows what the end game has to be, he knows he’s the one. But to me he seems to be taking over Richard’s roll more than Jacob’s.

    I see Desmond as more of a Jacob especially with his actions in the ALT reality… but it could eventually be Aaron some how too. He seems to have always been important and he is related to Jack.

    And then maybe Locke (or MIB in Locke’s form) will remain trapped on the Island. Which the irony would be that Locke himself never wanted to leave it. And more ships and planes will continue to come…

    I know that leads to a sequel or a movie – which I wouldn’t want to see, but the message would be (I guess) that it never ends… the game.

  9. I’m not entirely sure that I believe that anyone else other than Jack will be in the final scenes of Lost. Matthew Fox is the only person of the cast that knows how the ending is played out, which makes me think that he is the only character left, or they have re-arranged the scene filming so that there are a few of the cast in the end scene, they just don’t know that it is the end scene.

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