Does Jacob = Aaron?

Written 6th May

We all know that Claire was past the point of pregnancy where she should of been traveling via airplane.  So, what if the Aaron did die and that’s why Claire couldn’t feel him moving?  Then Jin gives her some fish which we know Jacob likes and she feels the baby move.

My guess is this is why we have never had an explanation of the dad and if he’s ‘special’  Since I don’t believe he is but Claire is and obviously the baby is.  So maybe the baby is important so Jacob can take over the baby’s body on the island and maybe now we’re seeing him somehow through time jumping age quickly.

Also, whatever Ethan was doing to Claire on the island I assume he was supposed to do and that’s why they showed him treating Claire off the island.


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2 thoughts on “Does Jacob = Aaron?

  1. Have wondered if something happened to A-aron early on when he wasn’t moving. Then, he was only calmed by Sawyer and was going with just darned near anyone at the supermarket.

    He should/shouldn’t be on the island seemed to have some significance at the time. Would be good to review what all remember about him to properly assess.

    One thing ‘for sure’, seems Ji Yeon ‘lost’ her significance to the island.

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