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Written 6th May

I have been thinking that our Alt reality is actually the correct reality, or the reality that is “supposed to happen” for a few weeks now. After last night, I’m even more convinced and I see many of you are as well (JacobsDoubleWide– nice theory by the way.)

To build on this, I believe the Island is a portal between parallel universes.  Each universe can have it’s own set of laws… they may be very similar to ours or completely different, but since there would be an infinite number of parallel universes, there would be a full range of differences and similarities.

I believe that Jacob and MIB are from a parallel universe or alternate reality.  The universe they are from has life forms that are consciously “in tune” with their physical world and can exert some level of control over it.  This is why Jacob’s touch has an effect and why MIB can change shape.  They are more beings of consciousness than physical beings.

The world of the island is not the world we live in– it’s not the real world or the world our Losties are supposed to be in.  I believe the lives of our group have been entangled in this collision of realities for their whole lives… but it is not supposed to be this way– this is a cosmic accident.  The Alt world is the world they are supposed to be in and should have always been in.  If the reality or universe of Jacob and MIB never clashed with our reality, as it never should have, then our Alt world represents the way things should be.  So while the reason this collision of universes happened is most likely caused by accident… our Losties (and others before them) have been involved because of the contest between Jacob and MIB as either Jacob and possibly MIB have brought others into this.  This is why memories from both realities are bleeding into each other– the consciousnesses of these people are actively entangled in 2 realities at once.

When MIB says he wants to leave the island, he is actually seeking to leave this particular universe. I believe Jack will be the one to stay behind, or more accurately, survive and will therefore take the role of Jacob in keeping MIB in his own universe.  The show will end with the portal being closed for now and we’ll see our Losties continuing on within the Alt world, but will go forward with clearer memories of what happened during their time caught between 2 realities.  Most likely we’ll see that they do continue to form bonds with each other because of this as they lead their lives free from the meddling of Jacob and MIB.

Finally, according to my theory, the reason the island is shown underwater with Darmaville still attached is that when the portal is closed, our world goes back to how it would have been without another universe bleeding in… the island was always supposed to be nothing more than a hill on the floor of the ocean, but since what happened, happened, the evidence of it once being an island with special properties still exists.

Alright– open and ready for large holes to be shot in this, especially since my theories on this show are always changing.

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4 thoughts on “More on Alt Reality being the Real World

  1. If you were Smokey, how would you know that you werent in the right reality? I think this next episode will finally get rid of all this “he wants to go to a different reality” talk. No insult intended, you are far from the only person saying this.

  2. I disagree. I think what they are showing us this season is what the stakes are, what they are fighting for and to protect. They are fighting for the existence of all these people they love. What we’ve seen in the other flashbacks and flashforwards are an existence that wasn’t supposed to happen. This might have been created by Dharma or by Jacob/MIB or whoever and now they are trying to fix it all and keep this evil being from getting the “real world” (although Puck has already been there, bah-boom-chi (drum sound)).

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