What Caused The ’77 Losties To Time Travel Back To 2007?

I think the title asks the question but I was wondering what everyone was thinking on how the losties from 1977 time traveled to 2007?

Hows a bomb supposed to cause them to travel? Canditates or not, that doesnt make any sense & the only way I can see this happening is when the pocket was unstable due to over drilling, it somehow released right before the explosion & that is what sent them but there was no tell tell signs of time travel by that means.

If this is how they try an explain it then why not have it start turning super white right before the bomb goes off instead of the bomb going off then us seeing the effects of a flash without the flash.

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5 thoughts on “What Caused The ’77 Losties To Time Travel Back To 2007?

  1. The bomb set off the energy that was building up and going crazy at the swan site. It was much like the flash that sent them thru didfferent time frames to begin with. I think we will also find out that Rose and Bernard flashed to 2007 as well, which would be further proof that it was the same kind of flash.

    But that doesnt answer the entire question. Yes, the energy is the how to some point. But is it just coincedence that when they flashed they happened to end up in major events of our stories history? They end up in a time before Locke’s birth that allows him to effectively start the chain of events that makes the Others think that he is their new special and unique leader. The end up being able to witness the bomb which gives them the idea in the first place to use it to detonate the Swan site. The end up in Dharma times which allows Jin to learn some about the electro magnetic pockets on the island. (we havent seen the turnout of his conversations with Widmore and his scientists so we dont know what he was able to tell them) Then the rest of the Losties arrive in 77, mere days before the Swan being built, putting them in place to cause the Incident. Ive always thought that someone had to be controlling where they were flashing to, wether it was Jacob or Mib or the higher power that may exist.

  2. them flashing and seeing the bomb in that year would seem to fit with MIB’s plan since he needed Locke in that year. I’m starting to think that Jacob’s plan and MIB’s loophole criss cross though. So they both wanted the Losties in these times for different reasons (or the same reasons and Jacob is trying to use Locke’s own plan against him). The fact that Widmore knows Jin knows where these pockets are makes me think he is working with MIB because I’m leaning towards all their jumping being MIB’s plan

  3. I think it’s important to remember that it had to be 2007, because that was the exact amount of time that elapsed since they left the island in 2004 (approximately 3 years).
    For some reason, they had to transfer back to the present time line they were originally in; possibly because the 70s timeline ceased to exist..

    I think the real mystery is that when Locke moved the island, he appeared in Tunisia in 2007, I’m guessing maybe couple months before he committed suicide. So he effectively skipped over a period of existence; it’s miraculous. It’s a TV show, I know, but still miraculous 🙂

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